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The Heart of a Guardian

(Part 7a/16?)

A/N: Well, I'm back and I'm sorry it's with such a short update. It was a needed one though and I'm working on more as I can. I split this into two parts so that I could at least update with something after my long break. I hope you enjoy.

“So why am I going to Siwon’s house?” Henry asks. He had been so happy to lay down in his own bed the night before that he had almost forgotten to do some of his course work. A painful smack to the chest from Amber had kept him on track and he had crawled into bed again several hours later.

“Cause you still need to learn to control yourself.” Kyuhyun answers and Henry sighs. They didn’t have school on weekends so he thought he would be free to relax but he should have known better. At eight in the morning he was woken up by someone’s fat backside landing on his chest.

“So he’s going to be teaching me?” Kyuhyun nods in response. “That’s the idea.” His Spirit looks back at him for a moment before stopping and crossing his arms. “What’s the problem?” He prods and Henry tries to push down his irritation. He is really starting to hate this whole emotional connection thing. “Nothing, just not happy about being up this early.” Is mumbled in reply.

Kyuhyun shakes his head disbelievingly. “If you don’t want to tell me then don’t. Don’t bother lying about it.” Henry glares at the Guardian. “I don’t think I can do this, but I don’t want to just sit around and be useless.” He snaps before stomping angrily past the other man. “Do you even know where you are going?” Kyuhyun calls after him only to receive the finger.

“Stop thinking about yourself.” He barely hears the man since the words are only spoken and he has put some distance between the two of them. Gritting his teeth he stops and waits for his Guardian to catch up. The walk continues in silence and Henry tries to squash his irritation. He knows that this is more important for Kyuhyun than for himself. That doesn’t make it any easier, it just makes him feel more like a tag-a-long then anything else.

“Henry, is there something bothering you about this?” The question is tentative and that makes the guilt swell up uncomfortably. “I don’t want to talk about it.” His tone is final and Kyuhyun doesn’t pry anymore. It doesn’t much longer to get to Siwon’s house and Henry is glad they had taken the bus to the edge of the neighborhood because the silence is driving him insane.

Siwon obviously lives in one of the richer neighborhoods, it was something Henry could have guessed just being inside the man’s house. The sleek silver vehicle that Siwon had used to take Henry to school sits in a large driveway. The house isn’t quite as large as some of the others, a modesty made up for by the interior decorations. He doesn’t think he could actually live in place like this.

HanGeng is the one who answers the door at Kyuhyun’s knock, quickly stepping aside to let to two in. Henry wonders if the house always smells like cooking food as he passes through the doorframe. “Siwon is in the study.” HanGeng says as he closes the door. Kyuhyun nods and motions to be followed as he walks out into the hall.

Henry doesn’t see a plain surface anywhere in sight besides the ceiling. Even that has some obviously expensive lighting hanging from it here and there. The study is closer the back of the house and it seemed to be one of the smaller rooms. Every available wall was covered by large bookshelves, most filled with thick volumes of text and a few holding some pretty intricate decorations.

Siwon sits at a desk in the center of the room reading a small leather-bound book. “You ever going to give up that bible reading habit of yours?” Henry finds himself confused at the question but Siwon snaps his book shut and sighs heavily. It was a bible and it is placed carefully back down on the desk. “Just because you’ve lost your faith doesn’t mean that I will abandon mine.”

Kyuhyun snorts and rolls his eyes. “Whatever, it’s kind of hard to believe in God when shit like this happens to you.” Henry stares at Kyuhyun, hadn’t he mentioned that maybe he would go to hell before? If he didn’t believe then why would he have said that. Siwon just shakes his head and stands up brushing off his pant legs.

“So I take it you brought him here for some training?” He asks and Kyuhyun nods. “Alright, we might as well get started.” Siwon makes his way to the door and Kyuhyun motions for Henry to follow the taller man. Siwon walks down the hall and past the kitchen and living room area. Kyuhyun stays behind there and Henry barely catches him saying something to HanGeng. “I don’t know how you can stand him sometimes.”

Siwon opens the door at the end of the hall and gestures for Henry to enter. A laugh from the kitchen is the last thing he hears as he descends the stairs a few steps from the door. Siwon closes it as he follows and Henry would have felt slightly uncomfortable if not for the carpet covering the stairs. Blood stains carpet right?


“That’s seriously all you can do?” He asks incredulously and Siwon nods. “Even so, re-enforcement is better than an uncontrollable ‘useful’ ability.” Henry shakes his head and looks down at his bleeding fingers. “We’ll need to stop practice soon, too much blood loss is bad for your health.” Henry shakes his head and backs up away from him.

“One more time, please.” He pleads and Siwon sighs resigned. “Just one more time.” Henry takes a deep breath and tries to picture the familiar symbols, but just like the past few times they waver and start to blank out. He grits his teeth and tries to focus harder on them. “Try thinking about what you had when you had casted last.” Siwon offers.

What he thought about when he had casted? He had thought about helping Kyuhyun. All he wanted to do was help, he didn’t want to be useless. He just wanted to protect him. ‘Stop thinking about yourself.’ The symbol solidifies in his mind, he can see it clearly and he pulls up his energy as he squeezes his index finger.

He opens his eyes to see the same symbol form from his blood and widen out in front of him. He releases and the symbols darken as he feel the familiar gust build up and pass him. The silicone figure whips backwards with the force and several gashes appear along its arms. Siwon nods beside him and pats his shoulder as the symbol fades. “Good job, now you know what you need to feel to cast.”

Henry looks at the other man confused. “What I need to feel?” He asks. “Casting seems to be emotionally based. Jay needs to be calm to cast and Changmin needs to be angry. Everyone is different.” Siwon answers as he flips a switch and the figure falls back into the slot it came from. Henry just nods and looks quietly at his hands, his fingers are still bleeding but he doesn’t really care.

“What all will I be able to do?” He’s curious because of what he’s seen Changmin do with his ability. Siwon shrugs noncommittally. “Whatever you can make work.” Henry sighs and follows Siwon as he makes his way back up the stairs. “So I guess that’s it for today?” Siwon glances back at him before nodding. “I took you pretty long to figure out how to do it without being directly stimulated.”

Henry tries to suppress a laugh but fails only to get a disbelieving look. “You’re going to be a handful aren’t you.” Siwon mumbles and Henry grins. “So when will I start up practice again?” Siwon doesn’t answer and just walks through the newly opened door into the house. “Hey! Are you going to answer my question?” Henry yells after him only to bump into Kyuhyun.

“Ouch?” Kyuhyun immediately takes on a less amused expression when he sees Henry’s fingers. “You tried to make him figure it out on his own didn’t you?” His Guardian accuses. Henry looks confused and Siwon just takes a seat at the table. “People need to figure out things for themselves sometimes.” Kyuhyun doesn’t seem to like this reply and clenches his fists.

“I know you like to do this ‘by the book’ but I don’t exactly want to be wasting my time. I didn’t really want a Guide to begin with.” He snaps and Henry flinches. The anger in the back of his mind is quickly replaced with guilt. “Henry, wait.” Henry shakes his head and turns for the door. “Thanks for teaching me Siwon.”

He pulls the front door open and shoves his hands in his pockets. He tries to close it behind him with his foot but Kyuhyun gets in the way. “Henry, please. Just let me explain.” The Spirit pleads. “No, I get it.” He just keeps walking down to the sidewalk. He was just extra baggage, just like it was with his family. “I’m going home.”

Kyuhyun stops trying to follow and just looks down at his own feet. Henry makes his way as quick as possible toward the bus-stop. “I’m sorry I’m such a burden.” He murmurs. Pushing back the burn of tears he sits down on the bench pulling his knees up to his chest. He’ll just have to work harder, so that he wouldn’t just be in the way.

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