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The Heart of a Guardian

(Part 7b/16?)

A/N: So, this is the rest of 7 and I'm kind of concerned what everyone is going to think of this part. I was thinking about whining for comments but I know that's kind of childish so, I just hope you guys enjoy.

“So, what was with the sudden urge to have a movie night?” Amber questions curiously and Henry shrugs. “It’s just been a long time since we’ve all hung out you know.” Krystal laughs and pinches his cheeks. “Awwww, our wittle Henwy missed us.” She coos and he slaps her hands away. “Dude, older than you.” She rolls her eyes at him settling back on the sofa. 

“Not a dude, dude.” Sulli giggles next to her and Henry sighs heavily. Sometimes the girls really got on his nerves. Onew leans over and puts his elbow in the popcorn attempting to reach the remote. “Are we going to watch the movie or not?” He asks brushing his elbow off. Since stuff like that happened regularly around Onew, no one is surprised.

“Yeah, just press play.” The play button gets pressed by Jino who gets pushed out of the way by Jonghyun seconds later. “Sit on the floor and not on me.” Jino sticks out his tongue and just sits where he had landed. “Shhh… The movie is starting.” Sulli pouts and points at the screen.

Henry feels strange, bored which is unusual. He loves his friends and hasn’t seen them recently so why wasn’t he enjoying himself. Maybe it’s because he had more obligations then just them now. He shakes his head, ignoring the concerned look that Amber gives him.

He needs to stop thinking about everything and relax. Rubbing his bandaged fingers together he tries to focus on the movie playing. Eventually Amber stops looking at him and starts to watch the movie herself. Henry feels a little less tense without her staring and is able to enjoy his friend’s silly bantering.

It isn’t long until he catches movement out of the corner of his eye. Kyuhyun leans against the doorframe, watching with a small bittersweet smile. When Henry makes eye contact with him, he turns to walk back into the darkness. Only he stops right before Henry can’t see him and turns to smile at him.

“HENRY!” Amber shouts, shaking him slightly. For a moment he’s disoriented and very confused. What was just going on? “Henry, wake up. It’s time to go back to the dorms, Krystal’s sister is back home.” He blinks up at Amber confused. He had fallen asleep? Shaking his head he sits up and looks around. Everything had already been picked up and Krystal was talking to her older sister near the door.

The older Jung sister was still as blonde (a direct contrast to her sister’s black hair) as the last time he saw her. He didn’t know exactly how much older Jessica was but he had talked to her a few times. He waves at the two and gets up and follows Amber out of the house.

He freezes in surprise when an unfamiliar woman steps into the house. He wouldn’t have been so shocked if she didn’t have the same glowing aura as the other Spirits he had encountered. She tilts her head to the side, her short black hair falls across her face as she brings her finger up to her lips. Shhhh, she mouths at him and he nods slightly.

She walks past him and goes to stand next to Jessica and Krystal smiles widely. “Oh Tiffany! I didn’t know you were coming over today.” Amber gives Henry’s arm a tug and he lets himself be pulled through the door. He shuts the door behind them and matches pace with Amber enjoying the night sky above them.

“So what were you dreaming about anyway?” She asks suddenly. “Why do you wanna know?” She gives a strange look and he feels uncomfortable under her gaze. “Because you kept mumbling Kyuhyun’s name.” Henry feels his face burn and quickly covers it. He hopes his other friends didn’t hear him or they would never let him live it down. He doesn’t even know why he would be mumbling his name anyway.

“I don’t know what I was dreaming about.” He honestly doesn’t know, so it’s not like he’s lying to Amber about anything. She just rolls her eyes and gestures at his hands. “So what’s with your beat up fingertips?” He rubs his bandaged fingers together at the question. “I’ve been learning to control the whole casting thing.”

“You know all of this stuff still sounds insane right?” She doesn’t sound freaked out about it, just concerned. He nods and they keep walking to the nearest bus stop, Henry falling behind her some. “Amber, do you think I’m useless?” She stops mid-step and he nearly collides with her.

“You’re new at this whole thing, you’re not going to be the best at it over night. Stop being so hard on yourself stupid.” He pushes her lightly. “Thanks Amber, you always know how to make me feel so much better.” He shakes his head in disbelief as she starts laughing. “You know I wouldn’t call you names if I didn’t care.”


Confused Henry rubs his eyes before staring at the man laying next to him. Kyuhyun doesn’t even stir when Henry touches his face, trying to make sure that he wasn’t still asleep. His hands were un-bandaged while he was sleeping because he can feel warm skin beneath his fingertips.

Idly he traces along the Sprit’s jaw line. He looked so different sleeping, not as guarded, relaxed. His breathing hitches slightly when Kyuhyun opens his eyes. Neither of them say anything for a moment and then the Spirit just closes his eyes once more. Henry tenses when he feels fingers on the back of his neck, the cuts that were previously on his own hands he can now feel against his skin.

“I’m sorry, Henry.” The words are spoken so quietly that he can barely make them out in the silence of his dorm room. “I wish I could have done something to keep you from being dragged into this shit.” The guilt in the back of his mind feels heavy and he takes a deep breath to keep from being caught up in it. “You didn’t want this either.”

Kyuhyun opens his eyes to study him carefully and Henry sighs. “If only you could break our bond, it would be easier for you.” Fingers tighten against the back of his neck bringing his head forward until it rests against Kyuhyun’s. “No, I shouldn’t have said what I did. You are my Spirit Guide Henry.”

Henry moves his own hands away from Kyuhyun’s face and clenches his eyes shut. “You’ll be amazing, and I’ll be there to make sure nothing else happens to you.” He gasps when his Guardian pulls him into a hug. “I’m sorry.” The words are whispered in his ear and he shakes his head. Finally relaxing Henry hugs back and presses his face against Kyuhyun’s neck. “I want to protect you too.”


He wakes up abruptly when his alarm goes off and he is confused when there isn’t anyone in bed with him. He shakes his head wondering if it was all a dream but when he sits up he can see Kyuhyun talking to Amber. Slapping the alarm off he slides out of bed and blearily runs his fingers through his hair.

“Wake yourself up Henry, you have more training to go through today.” He glares at his Guardian who only grins at him in response. Using the edge of the bed he pushes himself up off the floor and yawns. “Can I just go back to bed?” He mumbles and Kyuhyun ruffles his hair. “You can sleep when you can control your casting.” Henry groans loudly and looks woefully at his bed. “I’m never going to sleep again.”

It doesn’t take long for Henry to wake up completely and scarf down some food. Which gets him a half-disgusted look from Amber and a snort from Kyuhyun. Again he finds himself taking a bus with Kyuhyun to the richer neighborhood which Siwon lives in. Just like last time HanGeng answers the door and it still smells like cooking food.

“Does it ever smell normal in here?” He asks and HanGeng smiles at him. “This is normal for us.” Kyuhyun laughs at Henry’s semi-disturbed look “Don’t scare the poor kid.” Henry glares at his Guardian for the second time that day. “Not a kid.” He jumps when Siwon suddenly puts a hand on his shoulder.

“You are the youngest person here though.” The man says and Henry sighs. “Ready for your training?” He nods and the two Spirits wave at them as they make their way to the basement. “So how did you meet HanGeng?” He asks curiously. “It’s a long story.” Siwon says shortly and Henry groans. “I guess you don’t want to talk about it then.”

“Now is not the time.” Is the simple reply and Henry rolls his eyes. Again the lights are flipped on showing a room with several slots on the floor, ceiling, and the walls. He pulls out his pocket knife and nods at Siwon who just pushes a button. The silicon figure rises up out of the floor and Henry focuses on it.

Dragging his thumb over the blade he takes a deep breath. I’m doing this to protect him. The symbol appears in his mind, more solid then he’s used to and he tries to change it. He doesn’t want to just push the figure back, he was able to cut it before. Compressed air, that’s what he wanted and the symbol in his mind changes.

He takes another deep breath pushing his energy up. He flicks the blood off his thumb and shoves his energy out at the same time. He watches as the blood snakes out forming the symbol in his mind. The figure is suddenly torn apart as the familiar winds rushes past him. “Good, now we just need to show you how to control it.”

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Tags: fandom: super junior, fanfiction, genre: action/adventure, genre: au, genre: romance, length : chaptered, pairing: henry/kyuhyun, the heart of a guardian
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