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3. Leadership

3. Leadership - Seungho/Kyuhyun - PG-15 - (Crack for the pairing?) Almost Smut/Humor

“How do you handle it?” Kyuhyun asks making the other man roll his eyes. “You enjoy asking questions at the most random times don’t you?” Seungho replies, he almost feels like just dropping the younger man but that wouldn’t do any good. Kyuhyun just stares down at Seungho, wordlessly asking for his question to be answered.

“Okay, fine. How do I handle what?” Seungho sighs heavily as he sets the half-naked man down on the bed before sitting down next to him. He moves to re-zip his pants only for his hands to be held still. “How do you deal with the four of them?” He is questioned again as Kyuhyun leans his body against him, pushing his back down towards the bed.

“Are you talking about MBLAQ?” A confused and questioning look crosses his face and he briefly gives control over to his partner. Laying back he can see Kyuhyun nod before settling over him. “I mean, some of them can get really annoying sometimes.” Seungho snorts and rests his hands on Kyuhyun’s hips. “So can you.”

Kyuhyun face scrunches up in brief irritation before he leans over to nip disapprovingly at Seungho’s bottom lip. “I can just get up and walk away….” He finds himself unable to complete his threat when he’s rolled over onto his back. “I don’t think so.” Seungho growls and Kyuhyun clenches his eyes shut in an attempt to suppress a shudder.

“Please just answer my question?” He hates the way his voices shakes and he hopes he feels steadier than he sounds. He doesn’t receive any answer to his question, just a set of teeth nipping playfully at his neck. Since he still hasn’t had his curiosity fulfilled he holds back his appreciation, he won’t give the other man the satisfaction.

“Why do you have to know now? Can‘t this wait?” Seungho’s breath is hot against his ear and he barely understands the words being spoken. It had been far too long since they were this close, too many things in their life keeping them separate. Then the constant interference of band mates both younger and older made alone time practically impossible.

Kyuhyun just wants an answer before he completely forgets again. “Please just answer.” He wants to curl up and hide at how needy he sounds, and he knows full and well that it’s not for an answer. Seungho grins against his neck and he shivers in anticipation, and they aren’t even naked yet.

Sliding his hands down Seungho’s stomach (like hell it was fat, he just lacked definition) he pushes against the fabric still separating them. The response is tugging roughly on Kyuhyun’s own pants and a light bite on the neck. He gets the message loud and clear and quickly tries to remove the offending article of clothing.

God, why weren’t they naked yet? After a brief struggle, with no help from Seungho, Kyuhyun is free from the confines of his jean. Seungho sits up to study him for a moment, tracing a finger tip down his face. “I know when to assert my dominance.” Kyuhyun stares at him completely boggled for a moment before pouting up at the older man. “Seungho,” he brushes his hand down the front of the remaining pair of jeans, “Please take off your pants.”

Tags: fandom: mblaq, fandom: super junior, fanfiction, genre: humor, genre: romance, length: drabble/short, pairing: kyuhyun/seungho
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