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Serenade of the Damned

{Interlude - Yang Seungho}

A/N: So, sorry if there are any mistakes in here. It wasn't edited much. Also, you guys can go and ask the Kyuhyun from this story questions here. I hope you guys will read this interlude, I mean I have to get you interested in the characters. XD

“I’m sorry.” Seungho watches her disbelievingly, she’s moved away from him leaving him standing in the doorway. “I just can’t do this anymore.” She turns backs up further away from him and smiles sadly, brown hair sliding across her face. “This just isn’t going to work out.” Waving lightly she finally turns completely away. A hand lands on his shoulder and he turns to face his younger brother.

“You’ll be better off without her.” Seungho shakes his head, and carefully steps back into his apartment. “Yeah, I just kind of wish that everyone I care about would stop leaving me.” Seunghoon looks down his light brown hair sliding to fall over his eyes. Tugging lightly Seungho pulls his brother back out of the doorway so he can shut the door.

“So why are you coming to visit anyway?” His brother fidgets uncomfortably before looking down and locking eyes with him. “We’re moving away from here.” He feels like someone just dropped a bag of bricks on his heart. “So, you’re leaving me too.” His brother embraces him tightly and Seungho holds back the burn of angry tears.

“I’m sorry, I wish they saw you as I did.” Seungho hugs him tightly, squeezing the younger, yet taller male as close as possible. “When are you leaving?” Seunghoon pulls away and looks down. “Tomorrow.” Of course. Seungho sighs heavily and walks into his bedroom, the tiny room barely holds his bed and dresser.

Tearing open the middle drawer of the dresser he digs through it. Pulling out a stack of bills he returns to his brother. He shoves the banded stack into confused hands. “Take it, and tell mom and dad that I love them.” Seunghoon opens his mouth to object but Seungho puts a hand up. “Just do it little brother.” Grasping the back of his younger sibling’s neck he pulls their foreheads together.

“I love you, and everything I’ve done was for the family. Don’t forget that.”


“Where is our money?!” Seungho doesn’t even flinch at the man’s threatening tone of voice. “I told you that I would get it too you, I’m paying you off so I can get out of this shit.” Angrily the man grabs the front of his shirt, slamming him backwards into the brick wall. “Even if you pay us off, you’ll never be out of this.”

Jerking his head away from the hissing in his ear, Seungho pushes the other man hard. “Watch me.” The guy laughs at him mockingly, but Seungho doesn’t care. He’s just another lackey of the man he’s been stealing for. The man he was going to pay his debts to and be rid of. No matter what, I’m done with all of this.

“You have four days to get the rest of the money.” Nodding Seungho turns around and walks out from behind the apartment’s back alley. Tugging his hat further down his head he stares at his feet. I should say goodbye… Turning his wrist he glances at his watch, they would be leaving in an hour.

Swallowing his nervous fear he takes off running in the direction of home. Several people make uncomfortable faces at him as he passes but he doesn’t care. Even if they didn’t want anything to do with him, they were still his family and he still loved them. Pushing himself harder he ignores the faint burning of tears.

It only takes about forty minutes to get back to his old house, but it feels like hours. His lungs burn from pushing himself to run the whole way there. He can see his old house from where he has stopped. Ducking behind one of the neighbor’s bushes he watches sadly.

His mother walks out of the house, heading straight for the car. She looks stressed and Seungho just wants to go and hug her. He can’t though, and he knows it. When they found out about what he did, they didn’t want anything to do with him. Her longer dark brown hair is pulled up into a lose bun and she keeps her eyes down cast. His father exits next, wrinkles have made deep creases in his forehead but he still walks with his head high. His hair has more gray in it then he remembers but he knows that a few years will do that to you.

Brushing his face off Seungho stares at his damp sleeves, shaking his head he takes a deep breath. When his mother pauses and turns to look in his direction he freezes, hoping she can’t see him. After a moment of just staring, she turns back to her husband. He can’t hear what they are saying and he doesn’t think he wants too.

His younger brother is last to exit the house, pausing to look back and fall into what seems like a nostalgic daze. Seungho looks over the house he grew up in, nothing much has changed in the few years that he’s been gone. His heart clenches painfully, they would be leaving him behind completely and without even saying goodbye.

He can hear his mother call out to Seunghoon, and his brother slowly turns around and heads to the car as well. Before he can stop himself Seungho darts out from behind the bushes. Panting he stands only a few feet from his family, all of which have focused their attention on him. Feeling foolish he turns to look away. “I just came to say goodbye.” The silence is heavy around him and no one moves. Tears force their way out and he clenches his fists.

Fingers carefully brush his cheeks, wiping his tears before being pulled away. Looking at him mother he chokes back a sob. She smiles softly up at him before stepping back. His father’s expression is impassive but he doesn’t tell him to leave. Seunghoon steps forward and Seungho pulls him into a tight hug. “Don’t forget me.” Seungho squeezes him tightly. “I could never, you’re my big brother.”

Sniffling he pulls away, looking once more at his father. A few seconds of eye contact and he turns away waving a hand over his shoulder. “Come on, we’re leaving.” Seungho resists reaching out and gripping onto his brother’s sleeve. Watching his family get into the car, he feels like screaming. Before his father closes the driver’s side door, he turn to face him.

“Goodbye Seungho.” The door closes with a final sounding thump. Watching them pull away, leaving him alone, he sink onto the curb. A dry sob forces its way out and Seungho cradles his head in his hand. Why can’t you take me with you? Clenching his fists in his hair he screams, closing in on himself.


Forcing happy smiles at work had never been so hard. Handing another customer their change back he forces the corners of his lips up, hoping his smile doesn’t seem as strained as it feels. The woman smiles back, wishing him a good night. The next person in line steps up, handing him several crumpled bills and holding up their purchase of some bottle of banana flavored milk.

Ignoring the urge to roll his eyes, he types in the item code and quickly hands over their change. Forcing another smile and receiving a blank stare in return. “Have a nice night.” The stranger snorts, “Yeah, okay.” The store is empty after the stranger leaves and Seungho pulls a stool over to him to sit.

Working at a convenience store had it’s ups and downs, especially since he was almost always working the night shift. Closing his eyes he rests the back of his head against the window. The register is still within reach and the bell jingles even if the door is barely touched so Seungho isn’t worried about being robbed. He relaxes for a moment, it had been four days since his family had left. He has the feeling he’s forgetting something though.

The bell rings and Seungho immediately opens his eyes and stands up. Freezing only when he recognizes the guy standing in front of him. Defined eyebrows slant downwards matching the frown on the man’s face. “I heard you were trying to get out.” The deeper baritone of the man’s voice makes what he’s saying seem more serious. Seungho stuffs his hands in his pockets and holds his head up defiantly. “Yeah, I am.”

“Then where is my money?” The man quirks an eyebrow and holds his hand out. Seungho is slightly taken aback by how blunt the other man is being. “So you came to see me in person just to collect your money? Not usually your thing is it T.O.P?” He almost misses the miniscule twitch of irritation is T.O.P’s face. “Just hand it over, you said you’ve have it in four days didn’t you?”

Seungho nods stiffly and reaches for his jacket. Good thing I have been carrying this around with me. Pulling out the rolls up bills he holds it up for the other man to see. “After this I’m out, that’s the deal. No more jobs.” He watches tensely as T.O.P regards him. “Yeah, I won’t give you anymore jobs just pay up.” Seungho tosses the bills over and watches as they're snatched out of the air quite forcefully.

The hairs on the back of his neck prickle and he feels like something is wrong. The other man is watching him in an uncomfortably predatory way, but his expression fades into something more neutral. “Remember this Yang Seungho.” T.O.P turns toward the door and looks back over his shoulder. “Once a crook, always a crook.”


Leaving work Seungho fiddles with the knife in his pocket. T.O.P’s words floating in his head. He didn’t have dishonest or klepto habits, so why would he say that. He was probably just trying to scare me into staying. Shaking his head he tugs his hat down snuggly. Shoving his hands deeper into his pockets he keeps walking.

It was a relatively nice night, there wasn’t many people out causing noise. Turning to walk down one of the back roads he lets the silence surround him. A few moments later he can hear the low murmur of voices, one male and one female. Keeping his head down he shoves his hands further into his pockets, but he keeps his back straight. 

When the footsteps get closer, one set stops but Seungho keeps his head down. He doesn’t want to get involved in anything. His life was a bit of a mess as it was. The crack of a gunshot makes him tense and he turns to the source of the sound. He can see the faint line of the sniper rifle’s muzzle. The body laying prone next to it seems familiar but Seungho can’t place it.

Four more shots go off and Seungho quickly turns to face the two he had passed by. He watches in shock as the female goes down, long black hair veils her face. He can hear her gasp loudly in shock and pain. The male immediately reaches down grabbing the woman by the shoulders and dragging her out of target range.

Today is not my fucking lucky day. Hurriedly he walks over to them and crouches down next to them. The amount of blood already pooling around the woman worries him. It’s not her lucky day either. He can see five bullets wounds that gush blood with every exhale. The holes in her left shoulder, upper left thigh seemed to be smoking faintly. Two more holes through her lower abdomen, one upper chest right side and one lower chest also right side.

The guy turns her head to face him and Seungho glances around. There is no other movement in the alley and it confuses him. “Mi-young I need you to focus!” The guy is panicked and pleading. Turning to face them again Seungho doesn’t know what to think, as the guy digs his fingers in to remove the bullets he can see more smoke. The smell of burning skin makes him feel sick.

“Fucking hell.” He covers his nose trying to block out the smell and focus. The guy pinches her cheek when she turns her face away. The tears are sudden, and Seungho doesn’t understand how he can see through them. “STAY WITH ME!” The guy cries out and the woman reaches up smearing blood on his face.

Seungho shifts, not knowing what to do but wanting to help. “Shit, what is going on?” He’s ignored as the female is shifted so that she lays flat on the ground. The tearing of her shirt surprises him, but the male doesn’t seem the least bit bothered. Just drops the sides of her shirt and looks over the bleeding holes.

Seungho pushes down the urge to vomit when the man digs his nails into his wrist, tearing it open and flexing his hands. Blood drips uselessly over the sides of his wrist and onto the woman’s shirt. Seungho covers his mouth and almost clenches his eyes shut when the man tears into the cut opening it wider before smearing it against the woman’s torso.

The woman gasps and pushes herself sideways, an attempt at twisting away, only to be pushed back down. The faint sound of footsteps makes Seungho more uncomfortable. After a moment Seungho realizes that the guy is staring at him, he can feel the goosebumps rise on his arms. “I need you to do something.” It takes Seungho a moment to realize that he’s being talked to and he stares at the guy with wide eyes.

“What?” He’s surprised that his voice isn’t shaking. The faint breathing of the woman next to him make him antsy. Then the guy presses his bloody wrist against his mouth, and Seungho pulls away in disgust. Before he can move to wipe of his mouth his head is painfully grabbed and he’s forced back against the guy’s wrist. “You have to drink it, if you don’t she’ll die.”

The blood feels abnormally thick around his mouth and he tries to push away again. Barely getting his mouth away from the guys skin he protests. “I don’t understand!” Blood makes its way into his mouth and he gags, it tastes strange, far more metallic then it should and it’s horribly thick. “We don’t have time!” The man yells at him, still obviously pleading.

The footsteps sound louder and he can barely make out the woman’s breathing. Closing his eyes he forces himself to swallow and the guy immediately yanks his arm away from him. Gagging, he covers his mouth and stares at the guy confused. “Sit with you back against it.” The guy commands, pointing at the wall. Seungho doesn’t do anything, he’s too confused to make his body listen. “Now!” The guy snarls at him and he sees a flash of ivory sliding down in the guys mouth.

Are those fangs? He shakes against his own will but moves to rest his back against the wall anyway. The woman is moved into his lap and the guy cups her face gently. “Mi-young can you hear me?” The woman lifts her hand up like it’s a lead weight, she still manages to touch the guy’s face though. The guy roughly yanks his arm in front of the woman’s face and Seungho flinches.

“You need to feed, do you understand me?” Seungho stares at the guy, he can feel her head wobble disconcertingly in his lap. Feed? Why does he have fangs? “Mi-young you have to or you’ll die!” Seungho can feel his own pulse racing as his arm is pressed against the woman’s lips. He can feel her open her mouth and sink her teeth into his arm. Searing, burning, agony makes him lose focus as he cries out in pain.

He looks in what he thinks is in the guy’s general direction, head spinning too much to make anything out. He can only feel the pain racing across his arm as the woman sucks his blood down greedily. Her name is Mi-young… He feels incoherent with pain and closes his eyes for what he thinks is a second. The woman shifts in his lap sitting up and the pain fades into a dull throb.

She looks at him with concerned auburn eyes but he finds himself looking down at her torso. Angry red skin is now visible where there used to be bullet holes and he shivers. What the hell is going on? “Are you alright?” Her voice is comforting but he can only nod at this point, feeling like his voice wouldn’t work. She nods and moves away from him.

He’s still too blurry to make out much but he can hear the sounds of a fight. He can almost make out yelling but he doesn’t comprehend what they are saying. He reaches down and feels for his dagger that he always keeps in his boots. Grasping it he looks up and tries to focus on anything, he can barely make out the guy punching something in the face.

“Here!” He tosses the dagger with what he hopes is enough strength to get to the guy. Since he doesn’t hear anything he just assumes that it made it to him. The sounds of scuffle continue and he rubs his eyes trying to focus once more. When he opens his eyes again he almost screams. Something that resembled a human was looking at him, hungrily and it charges toward him. The thing reminds him of a feral dog crossed with a human somehow.

Reaching to his side he wraps his hand around the closest object and brings it up. The screech of pain makes his ears ring and the thing slides down the pole he had just held up. It was pierced through the shoulder but that obviously wasn’t enough to take it down, slowly it slides down the metal pole trying to get to him.

“What the fuck?” It was disgusting and Seungho pulls the pole back and out before propelling it forward with all he had. The sickening crack as he drives it through the things head makes his stomach turn. Giving it a light push away from him he lets go of the pole. Feeling shaky and cold he grips the side of his jeans.

Trying to regulate his breathing he finally looks up and glances between the two of them. “Okay, what the fuck is going on?” The woman snorts at his question and pats the other guy on the shoulder. “You’re explaining asshole, not my problem.” She punctuates her sentence by digging in the guy’s pocket and pulling out a phone.

She dials and presses the phone against her ear. “Mi-young and Kyuhyun, we need a clean up.” The guy finally turns to face him. “What’s your name anyway?” Seungho is temporarily boggled by the question. “Yang Seungho, now what the fuck is going on?” The guy opens his mouth but is interrupted by Mi-young suddenly falling bonelessly to the ground. Seungho stomach turns for one last time before he can no longer hold it in. What did I get myself into?

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