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The Heart of a Guardian

(Part 8a/16?)

A/N: Sorry it's taken so long to update. I hope the mistakes in this chapter aren't too horrible, I've just been trying to get something out for you guys. I know how much waiting sucks.

“Is he still trying to save you?” Kyuhyun asks, not looking at the other Guardian Spirit. HanGeng pulls his knees up to his chest, looking thoughtfully out across the rooftops. The two Guardians are sitting on Siwon’s roof while Henry continues his training, the air around them is still warm since the sun is still out. “Are you still hurt over how you and your family died?”

Kyuhyun sighs and leans back, stretching out and closing his eyes and asking, “Couldn’t you have picked a different way to answer?” HanGeng just pats the other spirit’s stomach and shakes his head. “When are you going to let go of all that?” Kyuhyun puts his hand down on top of the other’s. “When Siwon decides that you’re not worth saving.” The older spirit shakes his head and laughs. “Touché.”


“Where did they go?” Henry asks while turning around in a circle to see if he was just missing them or something. Siwon points up before answering, “They probably went out on the roof. We’ll just leave them alone for a while.” Henry nods slowly, curious but not enough to invade his Guardian’s privacy. The relaxed emotions he can feel in the back of his mind are enough to make him complacent.

Following Siwon into the living room, he is handed a remote. “Watch what you like, I’m going to start lunch.” Siwon says, giving a smile and stepping into the kitchen. Henry sighs and walks over to one of the four plush couches and flops onto it. After what feels like a few moments of silence Henry jerks upright startled.

He almost screams when he sees a face not even an inch away from his own. Heechul pulls away from him and laughs before turning away and walking out the backdoor. Questioning, concern pokes at the back of his mind and he just exhales relieved. The concern fades and Henry stands up stretching, wondering how long he was out.

“How are you feeling?” Henry turns surprised at the question. Jay just regards him calmly from the doorway. “I’m fine.” He answers awkwardly. “Sorry about Heechul.” Jay says, shaking his head. “He has an interesting sense of humor.” Henry rolls his eyes. “I can see that.”

Walking into the kitchen he’s greeted with the strangest sight. Siwon is stirring the contents of a pot wearing a frilly pink apron. “Do I want to ask?” Henry sputters, covering his mouth to try to hide his amusement. Siwon sighs heavily and shakes his head. “It was a gift from Heechul, if I remember right.” Jay replies from behind him. Henry snickers and bites his lip. “Why wear it then?”

Siwon gives up stirring the pot and turn to him. “Because I’d rather Heechul not think that I don’t appreciate his gift.” Siwon practically groans when he looks down at the apron himself. “Why would it matter?” Henry laughs and leans against a counter for support. “You don’t want to upset Heechul.” Jay cuts in and Henry shrugs. “I’ll take your word for it.”

Siwon turns back to his pot and it falls silent. Henry looks back and forth between the other two Spirit Guides. Both of them seem to focus somewhere beyond Henry’s comprehension, even though Siwon was stirring he still seemed to be far away. Henry is surprised when he looks back and Jay makes eye contact with him. Faced with his unwavering expression Henry feels uncomfortable and turns away from him completely.

The silence stretches on and Henry can finally smell the cooking food. His stomach grumbles loudly and he fidgets embarrassed. Siwon laugh and shakes his head. “It shouldn’t take too much longer.” He says. Jay moves to one of the cabinets above the sink. “Come on Henry, you can help me set the table.” Jay suggests, handing Henry six bowls.

After being pointed at the table, Henry set down the bowl in no particular fashion in front of six chairs earning himself a snort. Feeling silly Henry watches as Jay sets down silverware, straightens the bowls, places a napkin next to each ,before replacing the silverware on top of each napkin. “Okay, so I haven’t exactly been to any kind of organized group meal in a while.” Henry exclaims shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I couldn’t tell.” Jay just shakes his head and smiles at him anyway. “You’re in college right?” Siwon questions as he sets the pot in the middle of the table. Henry just nods in response, making sure to stay out of the way. “So I’m guessing most of your meals are from some kind of disposable container.” Henry shakes his head before adding. “Tupperware sometimes too.”

Siwon returns looking amused and puts down a pot full of rice. “I see.” He says looking amused. Henry looks between the two males before scrunching up his face. “Are the two of you making fun of me?” Both the males burst out into laughter, obviously startling the Spirits walking in the backdoor.
Kyuhyun looks a Henry with wide confused eyes, something that strikes Henry as far too adorable. “What is going on?” Kyuhyun questions, sounding just as confused and startled as he looks.

“Nothing Kyu, just teasing your little Guide here.” Siwon snorts in the middle of his sentence.
“I’m not little.” Henry complains, crossing his arms. Jay pokes him in the forehead. “You’re the youngest person here.” Jay states, motioning at the rest of the occupants of Siwon’s house. Henry pouts and shakes his head. “Doesn’t mean I’m small!” Henry is quite startled when arms loop around his waist from behind and head rests on top of his own.

“Seem pretty small to me.” Kyuhyun whispers and Henry shoves him back red-faced. “Shut up!” He sputters looking around at everyone. His Guardian Spirit only laughs before sliding into on of the chairs. “Relax.” Hangeng comfortingly places a hand on his shoulder. “I think that you prefer this over silence.”

Huffing, Henry sits down next to Kyuhyun crossing his arms defiantly over his chest. “Still not small.” A comfortable silence falls over the room as the seats are filled and food is consumed. Elbowing Kyuhyun in the side, Henry pushes the empty bowl into the Spirit’s lap. “Eat at least a little.” Kyuhyun stares at him for a moment, and Henry can feel the over-whelming confusion in the back of his mind. Slowly the Spirit pulls the bowl out of his lap and spoons himself some soup, returning his gaze to Henry he begins to eat.

It takes a moment before the heavy silence sinks into Henry’s awareness. Looking around the table he can see everyone watching but when his eyes wander over them, they return busily to their food. After the sound of everyone’s meal continuing Henry looks back at his Guardian and puts a hand on his knee, squeezing gently. “Thank you.” Kyuhyun only nods and focuses on eating his meal.

Henry is surprised by the lack of conversation, most group meals he had been too were loud and rowdy. The silence, only broken by the sounds of eating, made him uncomfortable. Kyuhyun’s hands slides over his and squeezes comfortingly, but it does little to help. “So am I allowed to ask about how you guys ended up doing this?” He questions, shifting to squeeze Kyuhyun’s hand back.
All eyes turn to Kyuhyun and they earn a shrug. “Might as well, I don’t think he’s going to end up going anywhere anytime soon.” He says calmly. Heechul snorts and leans back in his chair. Siwon regards him with a serious expression, “Are you sure?” he asks. Kyuhyun just nods and stirs his bowl of soup idly. Henry gets the feeling that he’s missing something.

“I thought Heechul was pretty.” Jay speaks up seriously. Henry stares at him confused. Heechul rolls his eyes and crosses his arms across his chest. “Wouldn’t leave me alone about it either.” Henry looks between the two, before looking at Kyuhyun who just shakes his head. “You’re serious?” Henry sputters and Jay nods, expression very calm.

“Um, and how did that put you into all of this?” Jay shakes his head and gives him a small smile. “Because I made up my mind that I would do anything to help him, and that was the original reason why.” Heechul dips his head for a moment before elbowing Jay in the side. “This kid wouldn’t stop trying to find me, didn’t date anyone is high school because he was too busy trying to find me.”

“Wait how old were you when you first saw him?” Kyuhyun chuckles against his spoon. “About four, if I remember correctly.” Henry stares at the older man in shock. “Four? You’re kidding right?” Jay shakes his head and HanGeng chuckles from the other side of the table. “Of course he didn’t get involved until he was eighteen.” Heechul nods and rest his elbows on either side of his bowl, earning a reprimanding look from Siwon.

“He managed to get in the way and help me at the same time.” Heechul makes short eye contact with Jay before looking back at Henry. “So I finally gave in and let him become my Spirit Guide.” Henry shakes his head and turns his spoon over in his fingers. “So you seriously choose your own Spirit Guide every time?” HanGeng nods and points at Siwon. “I had to choose him, just like Heechul chose Jay, and Kyuhyun chose you. It’s the Spirit’s choice, a human cannot force themselves on a Spirit.”

Henry nods and looks at Kyuhyun out of the corner of his eye. His Guardian continues to slowly eat his soup, seeming undisturbed and unbothered by the questions. Even if the flicker of discomfort in the back of Henry’s mind says otherwise. “So what about you and Siwon?” HanGeng laces his fingers together and focuses on them.

“Siwon found me when I needed someone, so I let him in.” He speaks softly and Henry looks away now awkward and uncomfortable once more. “You don’t have to talk about it.” Siwon looks thankfully at him and Henry squelches his curiosity. “Once you’re done eating you and Kyuhyun can go, I think you’ve had all the training you can handle for the day.”

Henry nods slowly, and picks up his bowl. “Thank you, for both the food and the training.” Siwon just nods and returns to his own food. Feeling both unsatisfied and more curious then before Henry downs the rest of his soup.


Kyuhyun rolls his eyes, still laying out on Henry’s bed and watching him struggle with his homework. “Is it really that hard?” Henry glares at him and moves away from the Spirit’s wandering fingers. “It is when you keep playing with my hair.” Kyuhyun laughs and rest his arms above his head. “It’s just so soft since you just took a shower, and you’re adorable when you scrunch up your face like that.” Henry slaps his leg before turning the page in his workbook.

“Stop making fun of me.” Henry complains, scribbling in an answer before crossing his legs once more. “What are you getting all offended about Hamster? We pick on you too.” Amber calls out from her side of the room. Henry looks up flabbergasted. “Hamster? Seriously Amber?” Amber peeks out from behind her divider. “Of course, you know. Hamster, stuffs face with food to store for later and has adorable squishy cheeks.”

Ignoring the peels of laughter coming from his Guardian Spirit, Henry groans and pulls his laptop over to him and plugs in headphones. “Is today pick on Henry day or something?” Amber smiles at him. “We have to keep you happy somehow, and you tend to be in better mood after we poke fun at you a little.” Henry frowns and puffs out his cheeks.

“Seriously, ugh.” Slipping his headphones on his blocks out the noise, and can see Amber laughs before she disappears behind her divider again. He just wants to get his homework done. Since he spent the weekend training and Monday had rolled around startling him, of course he had thankfully got everything that he had needed done before classes had rolled around.

He just figures that maybe trying to keep ahead would be a good idea because of his new responsibilities. When he had went back Sunday it had just been Siwon and HanGeng again, and after training he had eaten with them and then went back home. The training was no different from the day before, concentrate and push out… rinse and repeat. Yet Henry felt like maybe he was missing something, like he wasn’t really doing it right.

Fingers find their way into his hair once more and Henry swats Kyuhyun’s hand away. “Stop worrying, you’ll get the hang of it eventually.” Kyuhyun reassures softly. “Math?” Henry questions, genuinely confused. The Spirit rolls his eyes. “No, being a Spirit Guide. You’ll do fine.” Watching him carefully for a moment Henry heaves a sigh. “If you say so.”

“I do, so you should listen.” Henry pushes him, earning himself a snort. “Don’t be so full of yourself.” Kyuhyun pushes Henry with his foot and sits up. “It’s the truth though, no ego involved.” He shakes his head and pushes the foot away from him. “You’re just trying to make me feel better.” His Guardian Spirit puts his head down heavily on his shoulder, looking at the book still in his lap. “Maybe.”

Henry studies him out of the corner of his eye. “Maybe?” Kyuhyun doesn’t say anything, just points down at his workbook. “You got that wrong.” Henry slaps the Spirit’s hands away and stares down at the answer. “I knew that, I just hadn’t got around to changing it.” Kyuhyun nods and grins, still leaning on his shoulder. “Sure, whatever you say Henry.”

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