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Serenade of the Damned

A/N: This is for my friend who has been bothering me about this for a long time. Hopefully this will keep me motivated enough to update. If not, I think she's going to start hurting things.

Also, I don't own the people that some characters are based off of. I do own this characterization and story line though.


{Prologue- Ignorance is Bliss}

"Watch it bitch!" A very hustled businessman on a phone screams at her. She says nothing just steps out of his way and he pushes past her bitching under his breath. If only he knew what she did so that he could keep his stupid high paying job. She watches him pass with half-lidded auburn eyes. Hwa Mi-young had a low tolerance for assholes but it's not worth her time to go running after him.

She turns her eyes to the skyline watching the sun set. It was almost time to meet up with her partner. Mi-young works for the S.R.N.P. Yeah, it's a really stupid name but it stands for 'The Society for the Retrieval and Neutralization of the Paranormal". Talk about a mouth full. It's a government run 'company' to take care of problems they don't want the general public to be aware of.

The 'Paranormal' type of problems obviously. Sighing loudly she stretches before brushing off her pants. Black tank top and black leather pants completed by her black combat boots. Her 'slaying clothes' as Rain has so nicknamed them. Rain was her boss, Jung Jihoon is his real name though. He's like her, a half-breed, screwed out of being normal.

"Hey pretty lady, you shouldn't be walking around alone in places like this." Greasy, disgusting, and smelly is how she would describe the man blowing foul air in her direction. She ignores him and continues walking as she pulls her waist length black hair into a high ponytail. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" He yells at her as he clamps a hand down on her wrist. She stops and turns to face him, she looks like she's about 20 but that's not her age.

She yanks her wrist out of his grasp before wiping it off on her pants. "Leave me alone." It's a threat, thinly veiled irritation fuels her words. She's not a bitch, just not in the mood. The man swallows uncomfortably but he's an idiot. He tries again this time placing a hand on her shoulder. "Come on, I'll show you some fun." She narrows her eyes in anger and shrugs his hand off of her. "Touch me again and I'll break your fingers one by one." She makes eye contact with him before continuing, "Do you understand?"

The man nods frightened by the fury he can see in her eyes. When she begins walking again he collapses to the ground his knees shaking to hard to support him anymore. Pathetic. If only he knew what really runs around after dark. Mi-young sighs and shakes her head, she can't be bothered with normal people. Some days she wishes that she was just like them though, ignorant and happy.

Too bad life doesn't work like that.


"You're late." Her partner sounds impatient, this doesn't surprise her. Cho Kyuhyun doesn't really like standing around waiting on anything. He turns to face her crossing his arms to display his irritation. His brown hair mussed, he's obviously been running his fingers through it. Mi-young has to resist the urge to mock him, he doesn't seem to be in the mood to deal with it. Dressed in his own variation of 'slaying clothes' which is pretty much the same thing she's wearing except that he wears a t-shirt. His twin dao, otherwise known as Chinese broadswords are present in their sheaths across his back.

Instead she settles for moving to stand next to him and look out over the city displayed in front of them. High places make better vantage points especially for people with good eyesight. "What are we looking for tonight?" It's an honest question, she hasn't been back at base for a while so she doesn't know what's been happening. Oh the joys of vacation right, becoming completely clueless while wasting time doing pointless albeit fun things.

He doesn't answer, he doesn't even move. His dark brown eyes remain fixed on her. "What crawled up your ass and died leech?" The sarcasm is dripping off of her question but it still angers him. He grabs her by the shoulder and turns her to face him growling. His previously attractive features are distorted by the expression on his face. His normal looking pupils have contracted into vertical slits and fangs snap down threateningly.

She doesn't even flinch just maintains eye contact. "When was the last time you ate anything?" He looks slightly taken aback by her question. He closes his mouth and his fangs almost look comical poking out over his bottom lip. "Two nights ago." He sounds a bit embarrassed and she sighs. She tilts her head to the side slightly not missing the way his eyes go directly to her neck.

"Here, you can't do anything if you're going to be all bitchy." She says this calmly, it isn't the first time that Kyuhyun has fed off of her and it defiantly wouldn't be the last. "Why do you do this for me?" His question is serious but it's laced with affection. He steps closer to her and rests his head on her shoulder. She tries not to shudder when he breathes across her neck. She'd would do anything for her partner, and she knows he would do anything for her.

They had been partners for ten years after all, it's hard not to grow attached to someone you're around that often. "Because you're Kyuhyun," is her response and he seems to find it acceptable. She does shudder when his fangs penetrate her neck. It's not painful, if you're willing it never is painful. Vampires' fangs are covered in a protein that makes you produce endorphins. Sometimes this can result in some awkward situations.

She feels one of his hands slide into hers and she squeezes. She'll admit for the longest time she had harbored and attraction to the Vampire (or Moroi if you were feeling it). Over the years though it's faded, partly because he mentioned they were only friends and partly because she thought it would be bad to fall in love with her partner. This works well for them, expect when he feeds. It makes vampires feel good too you know, hence why she's one of the few people he knows that he'll actually feed off of.

After what seems likes forever he pulls away from her licking his lips. She takes a deep breath and squeezes his hand again. She sees him bite down on his tongue before leaning over her again and licking her neck. After a moment he wipes away the blood and she puts a hand to her neck. Hole free, isn't that awesome. Vampire blood had healing properties to some and well to others it would kill you. It's a 90-10 chance you'll be okay, so it sucks to be in the minority.

"You good now?" She asks out of concern, last thing she wants is him starving to death or something. He just nods and his fangs retract back to where ever they go when he's not using them. She gives his hand another squeeze before letting go and turning to face the city again. "So, what's the problem this time?" He hands her weapon over before answering her question. She smiles and pets it fondly, she's the only person who can use her weapon. Everyone as S.R.N.P calls it the Serpentine blade because it can be used as both a sword and a bladed chain whip.

Mi-young is the only person who can wield this sword since it isn't anything more than a regular blade to others. This is why she loves her weapon. Kyuhyun rolls his eyes at her happy expression. "Just a few ghouls running loose, nothing that should be to hard to take care of, not for us anyway." Impossible for the humans though. He looks at her like he can read her mind and she turns away from him. "Let's go then, if they are ghouls they aren't going to be going anywhere densely populated. Where did the last attack take place?"

Kyuhyun points off to their right and Mi-young nods. Best to take them down fast, they aren't smart but they are ruthless and bloodthirsty. She takes off running in the direction he had pointed and she can hear him following her. This is what they are good at, hunting and taking down things that threaten the general populace of the world. They should get a medal for this, or at least get paid a bit more.


Ghouls are disgusting creatures, their features have permanently shifted into something more animal then human. They don't even walk completely upright anymore. A ghoul had lost it's ability to do anything but hunt and feed, no thinking included with that. They are also very messy to cover up when they start tearing through humans like they are going to go hungry.

Kyuhyun and Mi-young have to resist the urge to retch, they smell like decaying flesh. Having a heightened sense of smell is not enjoyable at times like these. She glad that Kyuhyun had fed though, the smell of blood is also strong, she wouldn't be able to keep him from getting a bit feral if he hadn't.

There are three ghouls before them, and unfortunately two dead humans. The third isn't dead but may end up that way if the ghoul doesn't stop cutting of her ability to breathe. The ghouls are staring at them, mouths hanging open in shock. Long trails of saliva mixed with blood run thickly out of their mouths. Mi-young feels a split second of pity for them, one of them has remnants of fine blond hair on it's head.

The pity is short lived as the one holding the human tosses her aside like a rag doll. Kyuhyun moves quickly past to catch the woman before her head meets the cement ground of the parking garage they are in. Mi-young bares her teeth as the ghouls charge her. She smells tasty so that's all they care about right now, they are too stupid to care about Kyuhyun right now.

She unsheathes her blade as the first reaches her. Kicking out she catches it in the stomach and wraps her blade around it's neck. A pull as she turns out of the way of the next one's flailing arm and it's head is removed from it's body. She sees Kyuhyun place his hand on the injured woman's head out of the corner of her eye. He's erasing her memory, that's good.

Using the extra momentum from her blade pulling free she kicks hard into the second ghoul's side. It crashes painfully into the wall. The third ghoul pauses, even animals know when something is wrong. It growls at her, threat display and a useless one at that. She sees the flash of blades and the thing howls in pain. She turns to face the second on the find it gone. "Shit!" It echoes off the walls like a gun shot.

She takes off following the trail of blood, Kyuhyun can take care of the third. She has to keep it from getting to another human. Last thing then need is more clean up and another pointlessly dead body. She corners it near the stairs to move between levels. It turns toward her throwing its arms with the intent of knocking her over, she simply brings her sword up with a twist of her wrist and wraps the blade around it's wrists.

A solid pull and it stumbles closer to her a yelp escapes it as it crashes into the ground. Another pull and twist of her wrist and the blade is free. As she brings her sword up to finish it, it looks up at her bloodied blue eyes stare up at her in fright. A split second of hesitation before her sword finds its way into the ghoul's neck. A swift sweep of her blade and the head rolls free. Blonde pieces of hair become covered in blood.

Mi-young stares down at the dead ghoul before pulling out her phone. She flips it open and dials without looking at it, just continues to stare at wide blue eyes. Two rings and it's picked up with a short, "What?" "We need a clean up crew, this is Mi-young and Kyuhyun." Her voice is controlled, emotionless. "Alright, tracking you now. Anything else?" Plain and to the point is the voice on the other end. "No." And she closes her phone with a snap.

She hears Kyuhyun behind her and turns to face him. Tears run silently down her face and he holds a hand out to her. "Let's go home." She takes his hand just like she always does. This is what they do....

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