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Serenade of the Damned

A/N: Hi again. So just a warning. This is going to be a multi-fandom fic. You won't have to know the fandoms since this is an AU but this is just a warning. Also I don't think I'll end up writing any full out smut for this fic but things do get pretty 'hot and heavy' at times. Also there are very, very dark themes in this.

I hope all of you will stick out everything with me. I've had some people already tell me that so far it is worth reading. I hope that you agree, all comments and critiques are welcome.

Disclaimer: I only own my ideas but not who some of my characters were based off of.

{Chapter One- Of Past and Partners}

Kyuhyun looks at his partner as she leans against him trying to fight sleep. They had been dealing with clean-up for the past two hours and they're both about ready to pass out. Dealing with the clean-up crew, or The Wacky Pack as they tend to be called, is like burning off your fingerprints. Painful but it accomplishes something that may be useful to some people.

Kim Ryeowook is one the human members of the Wacky Pack. For someone so short and small he can be pretty intimidating. Currently Ryeowook is speaking with Park Sanghyun, a moroi on the Wacky Pack. Kyuhyun sighs and puts an arm around Mi-young who tenses for a moment startled. It doesn't take her long to relax against him.

"What happened to going home?" She sounds as tired as she looks. He looks down at her, there is no trace of the tears that were there earlier. "I forgot that we had to stick around for clean-up." He did honestly, it's something that they only started making them do about a year ago. "I think your memory is going old man." She grins at him and the words have an amused tone to them.

He's not that old honestly, only about ninety or so. He's changed a lot over the years, after all 2011 was a whole lot different from 1943. He hadn't felt like he really belonged anyway. The music wasn't really his piece of pie, yet again it was music that got him stuck the way he was.

Kyuhyun isn't a born moroi, he is a created one. It was his voice that attracted the attention of the moroi who turned him, he supposes he was lucky he was still a virgin at the time. If he hadn't become a moroi he would have never met the people that he did. He returns Mi-young's grin before locating Ryeowook again. Opps, he was heading their way.

"You guys are free to go, we've got everything covered." Business-like, cold and then the shorter man puts a hand on Kyuhyun's shoulder giving it a squeeze. "You guys did a good job tonight." He removes his hand from Kyuhyun's shoulder to do the same to Mi-young. They both give him tired smiles before moving to leave.

"I hope that you didn't move my bed while I was gone." Kyuhyun snorts at Mi-young's statement. "You mean my bed? I don't think we even end up using yours." She pushes him slightly and he laughs looping his arm around her waist. When they first became partners he thought she was intolerable, but she's grown on him. She grown in general, ten years ago she was still caught in that awkward stage before adulthood.

Although Mi-young is thirty-two she looks about twenty or maybe late teens now. Since she's a dhampir, or as some call them a half-breed, she ages a lot slower than normal humans, she'll probably continue to look this way for years to come. Mi-young is an attractive woman, but she's intimidating and that scares most people away. She leans into him again as they walk back to their apartment.

They could have hitched a ride but they enjoy walks together. It helps them sort out their minds in silence, just the city noises and each others breathing. Even if he doesn't have to breathe as much as she does. Though they share an apartment they are not lovers, well at least not anymore. She claims that she didn't want to make their partnership more complicated and he had opened his fat mouth saying that they were just friends. Part of him regrets it but it keeps him from letting his emotions get all muddied and confused.

Call them stupid but they work better this way, even if they still share a bed.


Kyuhyun wakes up like someone had shoved a taser up his ass. He sits up confused for a moment before the sound of retching reaches his ears. Practically jumping out of bed he runs to the bathroom to find Mi-young sitting on the floor her head in the towel bowl. She coughs violently her whole body shaking as Kyuhyun kneels next the her. He pulls her hair into messy ponytail before looping it into a make-shift bun.

She turns to look at him with watery but thankful eyes before returning her attention worshiping the porcelain god. He rubs her back in solid circles trying to squash his urge to join her in regurgitating his last meal. Which he really didn't think she would appreciate since it was her blood he'd be wasting. She almost always ended up like this after a hunt.

He continues to rub circles into her back as the shaking subsides. She finally reaches up and flushes the toilet before sitting back and wiping her mouth. "I'm sorry." She doesn't look at him when she says this and he sighs. "Don't." It comes out harsher than he intended and she cringes. He swallows attempting to get the feeling of being choked to go away. Helping her to her feet he lets her rise her mouth out.

The feeling of being choked doesn't go away and he scoops her up into his arms. She wraps her arms around his shoulders immediately. "You think you're going to be okay now?" His voice sounds just as tired as he feels. "I think I'm done." She says as she nods her head against him. He carries her back to bed and lays her down carefully before crawling in beside her. They had ended up dragging their beds together about six years ago and they had been that way ever since.

She shifts so that she can lay against him and curls her fingers against his chest. He rests an arm around her and listens to her soft breathing. "Sing something for me Kyu?" The question is asked in such a hesitant voice he almost cringes, but he'd do anything for his partner. So he complies, closing his eyes he taps his fingers lightly against her back.

When dark days came to us, we found no heaven or escape.



"Kyuhyun?" The person in question looks up irritated with the interruption. Zhou Mi at least looks slightly apologetic for bothering the other moroi. Kyuhyun just glares at the tall and skinny Chinese man. "Rain needs to see you." Kyuhyun raises an eyebrow at that, what the hell did Jihoon need him for? "Alright, I'm coming." Zhou Mi nods and taps his foot as he waits for Kyuhyun to stand and stretch.

Since Zhou Mi is one of his few friends Kyuhyun just loves messing with him, and Zhou Mi knew it. Eventually after Kyuhyun sees the permanent smile on his friend's face dip a bit he walks over to him. They both set off towards Jung Jihoon's office. Their boss is a dhampir but he deserves his spot since his opposite is an extremely intelligent, if short, female moroi named Kwon Boa.

When they enter his office they are faced with the 'man' himself and a young girl. Kyuhyun takes a deep breath, and scratch that, young female dhampir not human. She's not facing them but looking at Jihoon. Jihoon is an extremely large person, very tall and pretty muscular to boot. Not totally blown out like a body-builder but extremely toned.

"Ah, here he is. Cho Kyuhyun meet your new partner Hwa Mi-young." Jihoon isn't joking, the way he's looking at Kyuhyun tells him this and it makes him want to break something. "I don't need a partner." He doesn't miss the flinch from the girl as he says this. "You're getting one anyway, that's an order, don't like it take it up with Boa." The tone in his voice is stern and hard. Kyuhyun snarls at him ignoring the look from Zhou Mi and the tensing from the girl.

"Fine, I will." He turns and storms out of the room dodging Zhou Mi. He doesn't get far before he hears someone running after him, the footsteps are not familiar so it must be the girl. "WAIT!" Her voice is stronger than he expected even if it is shaking. He stops but doesn't turn around to face her. "When was the last time you fed?" He turns toward her in surprise at her question. Who the fuck did this girl think she was?

"It's been a while hasn't it? You're not even steady on your feet." He tries not to grind his teeth in irritation, so it had been about a week since he last fed on someone. He couldn't help it, fat people taste gross and at that point in time it was all he could get. It felt and tasted like consuming a large glass of old bacon grease and ruined his want for anymore food.

She stands steady in front of him waiting for an answer. "What does it matter to you?" He snaps at her and doesn't miss the small flinch. This girl was scared of him and all that did was make him angry. "Here." She says as she yanks on the collar of her shirt exposing her neck and popping a button on her blouse. He stares at her and he swears if he listens hard enough he can hear her heart beating.

He moves closer to her and can see her swallow in an attempt to calm her nerves. He slowly reaches out to her and pulls her hand way from her shirt. She stares at him unmoving and he resists the urge to just sink his fangs into her neck. "Do you even know what you're offering to me child?" He strokes his thumb over the pulse point in her wrist and she glares at him. "I'm not a child! I'm twenty-two!"

He has to resist the urge to laugh, she's the same age that he was when he was turned. "And I'm about eighty, what is your point?" She goggles at him for a second before yanking her wrist away from him. "I'm keeping you from dying asshole. If you don't want to eat then fine! See if I care if you starve!" He stares at her for a moment as her chest heaves from the yelling she had just finished.

He dips his head next to hers and feels her tense. "You offered." Is all he says before he sinks his fangs into her neck. She gasps loudly, a mix between pain and surprise, before her hands find their way into his hair. She tastes amazing, like a rich, fine wine or something of the sort. He resists the urge to moan, even if in her current state the girl wouldn't care.

He pulls away from her before he gorges himself. Licking his lips he watches as the girl takes shaky breaths in an attempt to calm herself. When she opens her eyes again he notices how dilated her pupils are and wonders if his look the same. She stares at him for a moment before putting a hand to her neck. When she pulls her hand away she stares at it.

Sighing he nips himself on his wrist before placing it on her neck. She looks up at him confused for a moment and he gets to watch the understanding pass through her face. "Oh." She looks startled by her own voice and he shakes his head. If anything at least he could feed off of her if she proved useless as a partner. He wasn't violating the code doing that since she was going to be his partner no matter how useless she might be.



"You're useless!" He ignores how she shakes at his words. He has enough of this, she can't even fight properly and she doesn't handle facing nephilim and ghouls well. She always freezes only helping after he yells at her to move and he's through. He could care less how good she tastes because it won't matter if he ends up dead.

He flicks the blood off of his dao swords and onto her face. She shakes harder. "I thought you said that you were qualified, yet all I've seen you fucking do is stand there and watch me fight." He swallows trying to rid himself of the excess spit. She says nothing just stands there holding onto her sword. "You're disgusting, what did you think this would be easy? You want to look good so that mommy and daddy will pat you on the head and tell you that you did a good job?"

He watches as she clenches her teeth, still shaking. How the hell had he put up with it this long? They had been partners for about eight months now and all she had ever done was get it the way or freeze up when he needed her to do something. Hell her just being a distraction would have been nice! I'm going to fucking kill Jihoon for this shit!

He turns to walk away from her only to find he can't. A noise of shock and pain escapes him as he stares at his wrist in confusion. Wrapped around his wrist is... Mi-young's sword? He follows the blade to confirm that yes in fact it was coming from Mi-young sword. She's staring at him with an expression that he can't ever remember seeing on her face.

Pure and utter fury.

She twists her wrist and pulls him closer to her and he stumbles and almost falls on his face. He grits his teeth to ignore the burning pain that has taken over his wrist. "What the fuck are you doing?" He snarls it at her and she doesn't even blink. What is going on? Where did the scared little girl go? "They fucking murdered my family asshole!" He jerks back like he's been slapped with a freight-train.

"They fucking tortured and killed my family in front of me, the nephilim had ghouls on leashes like they were pets." Angry tears have started to spill over as she screams at him. "Every time we get out here that's all I can see! How do you think I'm going to react!?!" She hiccups and wipes her face furiously. He feels the blade release him and rubs his wrist absentmindedly. "I want to help, but I just freeze up. I feel like I can't even control my own body."

She breaks completely then, tears spilling over unchecked and she sinks to her knees. "I'm not trying to get in the way." He crouches down next to her pulling her into a hug and she tries to push him away. He doesn't budge. I'm sorry. He starts to stroke her hair and she falls limply against him. "What am I suppose to do?"
He just pulls her closer and rests his head on top of hers. "I'll teach you." He knows what it's like to be scared so he knows he can. She hiccups and fists her hands in his shirt. "Promise?" Her voice shakes and it's so quiet that a normal human wouldn't have hear her.

"I promise."



"What do I taste like?" He rolls his eyes and ignores the question. He cares more for her now but she can have some seriously annoying moods, and he knows he can too. He continues to try to read his book, it's something about sparkly vampires and characterless girls. He doesn't even find it all that interesting but it's something to pass the time. Besides it's about 'vampires' and he can be curious can't he.

"What would he taste-like?" He looks up from his book to see her pointing at some fat sweaty guy running down the street in something the not even Mi-young could pull off. She looks up at him from her upside position on the couch. "Bacon grease." She laughs and pulls herself up onto the couch. "Do you even know what that tastes like?" He rolls his eyes. "Unfortunately." It is unfortunate, no one should be forced to consume a spoonful of bacon grease.

"So were you a created vampire?" He nods and hopes she'll stop with the twenty questions already. She didn't have to deal with him asking about every little detail of her life. "How old were you when you were changed?" He sighs and puts his book down knowing that it's a futile effort to attempt to focus on reading. "Twenty-two."

She looks surprised at this and cocks her head to the side. "So you were a virgin at twenty-two?" He stares at her, this was what she wanted to know? He'd never understand women. "Obviously." He can't help it, it comes out so sarcastic that a deaf person would get it. Suddenly she's crawling into his lap and putting her hands on his shoulders. He stares up at her face confused.

"Are you still a virgin?" He gapes at her in surprise. "What? Why would you ask me that?" She puts a finger over his lips and he falls silent. "Just answer the question Kyuhyun." He shivers at her tone of voice. FUCK! "No." He sounds a lot calmer than he feels. "I am." Before he can do anything she's pressing her lips against his. He isn't sure what to make of this and just sits there in shock.

She pulls away and stares at him for a moment. He can hear the sounds of the t.v but it seems far away somehow. He can hear her breathing and her heart beat clearly almost as if it's his own. She leans toward him again stopping as her lips barely touch his. "Kiss me back Kyuhyun." He does, pulling her flush against him.

She sides her hands into his hair and he runs his hands down her sides. She shivers and he can feel her pulse racing beneath his finger-tips. He gasps when she nibbles slightly on his bottom lip. Taking advantage of his open mouth she slides her tongue against his. Oh god what were they doing?

He moans when she presses against him. Needy and desperate fingers are working at his shirt before getting fed up and yanking it open. He almost laughs at her impatience but a hot mouth against his collar-bone makes him lose his train of thought. He grips her thighs tightly, clenching his eyes shut.

His eyes snap open in surprise when he feels her tug at the button on his pants. "Shit, Mi-young slow down!" His voice comes out all turned-on and breathy. His face burns with embarrassment as she stares at him. Why are we doing this? He takes her hands off his pants and tugs her toward him. Leaning up some so he can press his lips to hers he slides his hands under her shirt. He breaks the kiss to slide the shirt up over her head and toss it aside.

He stares at her for a moment taking in smooth, umblemslished skin that covers her torso. She's beautiful. He pulls lightly at the clasp of her bra and she covers herself as it falls away red staining her face. He shakes his head at her and pulls her against him again before removing her arms from her chest. "You're the one who started this." She stares at him for a moment before kissing him again.

He shifts them so that they are laying across the couch without moving away from her too far. She moans when his hand brushes against the side of her breast. He pulls away from her and gasps. She stares up at him flushed and chest heaving. Oh god. He slowly moves his hands down her body stopping when his fingers touch the fabric of her pants. "Are you sure about this?" His voice shakes and she closes her eyes.

"I trust you."


"KYUHYUN!" He jerks, startled and stares at Mi-young's face. She looks concerned and he smiles at her in hopes of making her feel better. It works, she rolls her eyes and pushes him. "Jesus Kyuhyun, what the hell are you thinking about that's got you so distracted." He bites his lip at her question, he knows he can't answer it honestly. Especially not here in front of some of the other S.R.N.P members. "Nothing." You.

She stares at him for a moment with an unreadable expression before shaking her head. "Sure. Can you think about nothing some other time Kyu, we have some work to do." He flinches at her tone of voice, of course she doesn't believe him. She knows him too well. "Yeah, so what's the deal?"

He'll have to find some way to avoid hell later, right now they had a job to do.

A/N: So, I'm going to try to have a regular update schedule. Which is every Monday, I missed this Monday because I had Jury Duty. Also, I know that it might be kinda confusing what is when so I put the (past) markers there.

I hope you enjoyed, and if you didn't I'm sorry I wasted your time.

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