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Serenade of the Damned


{Chapter Three: Disaster}

A/N: Sooo, another chapter is here! I hope you guys enjoy, if there is anyone here.

Kyuhyun couldn't believe that this was happening. Mi-young stares up at him blankly, blood leaks out the side of her mouth with every exhale. "Shit, what is going on?" Kyuhyun ignores the human male and shifts Mi-young so that she's laying flat on the ground before him. He tears the remains of her shirt open to expose the damage better.

He had to work fast, she may be a Dhampir but she could die like a regular human. He tears open the inside of his wrist and flexes his had a few times to get the blood running. He already removed the two bullets that were embedded into her left shoulder and upper left thigh. He could feel his body trying to fix the burned tips of his fingers.

They had fired five shots and all of them hit. Two passed through her stomach area, one through her upper chest on the right side, and one through her lower chest. This was bad, this was really, really bad.

He tears the cut deep on his wrist ignoring the shocked noise from the human beside him. He spreads the blood over her wounds and tries to stop crying. He can't see very well and he doesn't want to screw anything up. She gasps and tries to twist away from him. His blood will take care of the external injuries but he can hear someone approaching and he knows he can't fight if he loses too much more blood.

Dhampirs do not need to feed on blood to live, but if they drink the blood of another Dhampir, Moroi, or Wraith they can kick start their systems. They can heal faster, he's seen Dhampirs come back from the brink of death and he hopes that he can bring Mi-young back. He turns to look at the human who looks shaken but he hasn't taken off running yet which is a good thing.

"I need you to do something." He knows he's screwing the kid over but he can't lose her, she meant to much to him. The human looks up at him sharply. "What?" The chances of him being a virgin are slim and even if he was Kyuhyun wouldn't have the time nor the strength to change him. He looks at Mi-young who continues to weakly gasp for breath and he hopes she can forgive him.

He presses his still bleeding wrist to the guy’s mouth who pulls back in disgust. Kyuhyun grabs the back of his head to keep him there. Blood seeps thickly against the human's lips. "You have to drink it, if you don't she'll die." The human tries to push his arm away but Kyuhyun is stronger. "I don't understand!" He makes a thick gagging noise as blood seeps into his open mouth. "We don't have time!"

He can hear the person moving closer and he knows that if he doesn't act soon all three of them will die. The human swallows thickly and Kyuhyun yanks his arm away from him. Please forgive me. The human gags and covers his mouth looking scared. Kyuhyun ignores this and points at the wall. "Sit with your back against it." The human, now Wraith stares at him in confusion. "NOW!" He snarls it at him and he can feel his fangs snap down. Shaking the Wraith sits against the wall and Kyuhyun moves Mi-young again this time into the guy's lap.

She tries to focus on him and he cups her face. "Mi-young can you hear me?" She drags her hand up and touches his face, eyes focusing on him. He grabs the Wraith's arm and pulls it in front of her face. "You need to feed, do you understand me?" She shakes her head and it wobbles unsteadily. "Mi-young you have to or you'll die!" He presses the arm against her face ignoring the way the pulse is racing beneath his fingers. He'll explain later.

The Wraith cries out in pain when she sinks her teeth into his arm. Scared, pleading, and pained brown eyes look up at him. He turns away figuring out what hurts on himself. His arm has stopped bleeding he knows that but his finger-tips are still a bit pained. He'll have to deal with that later.

"Well, what do we have here?" Kyuhyun tenses at the voice, he recognizes it. "Jaejoong, why?" He looks over to see him standing there smirking. Still looking like a doll, even if it was an evil possessed doll. Dark hair lays carelessly over one side of his face, covering one dark brown eye.

"Why not Kyuhyun? Don't you think the old rules are stupid. We Moroii are dying out because of a stupid code." Kyuhyun growls at him, the code is what kept them from being monsters. "We're dying out because it's getting harder to find suitable humans." Kyuhyun finds himself being slammed against the side of the building. Jaejoong holds him up by an arm against his throat.

"WRONG!" It's snarled in his face and he resists the urge to spit on him. "We are the higher race Kyuhyun. Why should we die out because of a bunch of rats?" He looks over at Mi-young and the Wraith. "It's disgusting to see the Dhampirs and Wraiths quickly outnumber us. We're the hunters and they are they prey! Don't you get it Kyuhyun." Kyuhyun punches him solidly in the solar-plexus and he crumples. "Yeah I get it, you're another one of the psychotic Nephilim who greed for power and superiority."

He takes a deep breath and moves away from the wall keeping his eye on Jaejoong. "What if I told you that they are lying to us Kyuhyun? Keeping things from us?" Kyuhyun doesn't respond only sinks into a defensive pose ready to keep Jaejoong from causing any more damage. "We don't have to die out Kyuhyun, we can turn any human we want into a Moroi. You just have to learn how."

Kyuhyun shakes his head, there was no way. Moroi had tried and failed, Jaejoong was just trying to screw with his head. "What Han Geng didn't tell you? He wasn't a virgin when he was turned." Kyuhyun hesitates and that costs him. Jaejoong slams into him again taking them both to the ground. He pulls a silver dagger out of his jacket and holds it above Kyuhyun's head.

The dagger is suddenly seized by another hand. "Hey asshole, get off my partner." Mi-young punctuates her sentence with a hard kick to Jaejoong's face. He goes flying a few feet and she grabs Kyuhyun's hand and pulls him to his feet. She looks like she went to hell and back again but she stands tall. Her shirt hangs loosely off of her in tatters exposing new skin and her bra.

"Thanks, but I'm going to have to kick your ass later you know." Kyuhyun grins and nods and they both turn back to Jaejoong who stands up wiping his face. "You bitch." Mi-young throws her head back and laughs. "Yeah what of it pretty boy!" He takes a few steps backwards and Kyuhyun tenses he was going to fucking run. "CHAE-RIN!"

Both Kyuhyun and Mi-young turn around to see another Moroi, this one female with long blonde hair. She has a hold of several leashes, all attached to a Ghoul each. "Fuck." Kyuhyun breaths out in shock, this was going to suck. Chae-rin grins and flips a catch on the leashes and the Ghouls charge at them.

Ten of them. Kyuhyun turns to see that Jaejoong is already gone, the fucking coward. Mi-young pulls a chain-whip from a holster on her thigh and Kyuhyun sighs. Why was it that he always ended up having to improvise? The first three Ghouls reach them and Kyuhyun slips under the wide sweep of an arm. He grabs it and twists wrenching the arm backwards and kicking the Ghoul in the back. A solid snap and a pained scream come from his effort.

He hears the snap of the whip Mi-young is using and he throws the ghoul into one of the others. They tumble to the ground in a pile of limbs. He punches one in the face as it charges at him, he can feel the bone breaking beneath his hand. "Here!" Kyuhyun turns and automatically catches a long dagger. He nods at the Wraith thankfully.

He does a quick head count. Five down five to go. Mi-young was making quick work of the ones who came her way and he was glad. He side-steps and shoves the dagger into the side of the Ghoul’s neck. A push, a twist, and he cuts through the neck. A squealing off to his side tells him that another has been taken down. God he was not pulling his weight here was he.

He flips another Ghoul into Mi-young’s 'arc of destruction' and that's two more down. One to go. They both turn to face the Wraith when they hear a screeching sound of pain. The last Ghoul is trying to get to the Wraith. It’s sliding down a metal pole driven through its shoulder. They both hear a disgusted "What the fuck?" Before the pole is pulled out and driven through it again, this time through it's head.

It falls away from the Wraith. He looks pale but that's most likely from blood loss. There is a few minutes of silence before he looks between Kyuhyun and his partner. "Okay, what the fuck is going on here?" Mi-young snorts and pats Kyuhyun on the shoulder. "You're explaining asshole, not my problem." He stares at her as she fishes his phone out of his pocket.

It doesn't surprise him that she's like this. She slides his phone open, dials, and slaps it to her ear. "Mi-young and Kyuhyun, we need a clean-up." Kyuhyun turns to look at the Wraith. "What is your name anyway?" The Wraith stares at him like he's lost his mind and supposes that wouldn't be that far from the truth.

"Yang Seungho, now what the fuck is going on?"


Yang Seungho did not get his explanation right then. That is partly because Mi-young chose that particular moment to pass out and partly because Seungho was parting company with his previous meal. Shortly after they were stormed by the Wacky Pack and a million questions. So that's why he's stuck where he is now.

His medium sized apartment with a new Wraith eating through food like he'd never had a meal before and would never have a meal again. He sighs and glances at the bathroom door, Mi-young was taking a shower because she didn't want to feel like a 'zombie' anymore.

He sighs and sinks onto the couch letting Seungho eat before they started their talk. He thought he must have dozed off because he found himself twitching and looking around confused. Seungho is still sitting in the kitchen but he's not eating anymore. Mi-young is also in there now, wearing shorts and... one of his shirts. She looks at him out of the corner of her eye still toweling off her hair.

"Hey there sleepy-head. Have a nice nap?" Kyuhyun yawns and stretches feeling about a thousand years old. "Not a nice as I'd hoped." She laughs and shakes her head tossing the towel into the hamper. "Isn't that how it always is?" He doesn't respond to that, it hurts a bit too much to say anything to that.

"So what are you?" They both look at Seungho who is observing them with his arms crossed. "A Moroi." Mi-young rolls her eyes. "Or a Vampire." Seungho looks at her for a moment. "What about you?" She crosses her arms. "A half-breed. Child of a Vampire and a human." Kyuhyun sighs. "Or a Dhampir."

Seungho nods and stays quiet for a moment. "What did you do to me?" Kyuhyun clears his throat uncomfortably. "I turned you into a Wraith. It was the only way to save her life." Seungho looks between them again. "And that means?" A loud sigh from Mi-young and she sits cross-legged on their bed. Kyuhyun looks somewhere above Seungho's head. "That means that you will age a little slower now and that you'll be a bit stronger and more durable. Also that you'll have to keep our secret."

"This is because I drank your blood right?" Kyuhyun nods. Seungho stands up and walks closer to him. "Do I have to give up anything?" Mi-young is the one who responds. "No. You can go back to living your life just like everyone else.“ Seungho nods. "Or I can what?" Kyuhyun swallows thickly. "Or you can learn more and join S.R.N.P."

Seungho scrunches up his face confused. "S.R.N.P?" Mi-young snorts and Kyuhyun rolls his eyes. "The Society for the Retrieval and Neutralization of the Paranormal." It’s silent for a moment and Seungho pulls himself up to side on their counter. "You called that one guy a Nephilim, what does that mean?"

Kyuhyun is surprised that he was able to notice that. "A Nephilim is a vampire who has broken the code." Seungho snorts. "Vampires have a code?" Kyuhyun sighs and leans back crossing his arms. "We're not monsters you know. We're just like normal people." Seungho says nothing just stares at him for a moment.

"What is the code anyway?”



He feels light headed and cold. Kyuhyun opens his eyes slowly and finds himself looking up at an unfamiliar ceiling. What was going on? What happened to him? He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. HanGeng…

He sits up in a panic and gasps loudly. He clutches his chest in confusion. What happened? He remembers talking to a man named HanGeng about feeling out of place. Then he was asked… if he wanted to live forever.

Suddenly a warm hand covers his forehead. Kyuhyun recoils in surprise only to be faced with kind brown eyes. He breathes out in relief. “Are you feeling alright?” Kyuhyun nods and HanGeng smiles at him. “Good. We have much to tell you.” We?

Another face enters his line of sight. This one is female, pretty with long brown hair. She places her hand on his chest and he flinches away. A tsk-ing noise and she puts her hand back on his chest. “Don’t move Kyuhyun.” He looks at HanGeng scared, but listens anyway.

“He’s fine. Heartbeat is normal. He’s one of us now.” Kyuhyun shakes his head at the sudden weight of his thoughts. Do you want to be one of us? HanGeng had asked him that. He had asked him that before he… Before he bit me. He bit me. He bit me and then he made me bite him. Made me drink… Why?

‘I call you back from the darkness. Come and be reborn child as one of the immortal. From this day forward you will be one of us. One of the Moroi.’ The words echo in his head as he stares at HanGeng. He falls back against the floor limply. What happened to him?

“Kyuhyun, you must listen to me carefully.” Kyuhyun nods slowly but doesn’t focus his attention anywhere. “There are rules you must abide by now that you are one of us.” What does that mean? “You are now a Moroi. The humans have many names for us but you cannot forgot what you truly are.” The woman places her hand on his forehead once more.

“The words you are about to hear is our code. You must remember and follow it well.” The woman’s voice is soft and reminds him of his sister. “No Moroi may kill humans for fun.” He wasn’t human anymore. “No Moroi may keep any creature for food only.” Food? Does he have to eat something different now? “Moroi must erase the memory of any human they feed from.”

Feed from, he’s going to have to eat humans? He turns his head and finds himself staring at HanGeng’s knees. Carefully he reaches out and touches them. Erase memory?
How do you do that?
“A Moroi must not betray his kind by exposing them to the public.”
How many of them were there? HanGeng gives his hands a squeeze.

“Moroi must blend in with humans and abide by their laws.” Blend in? Did he look different? “Any Moroi who kills another is to be burned alive.” HanGeng tightens his hold on Kyuhyun’s hand. No civil wars between Moroi then? The woman turns his face toward her. She stares sternly down at him.

“And finally, those who break the code are to be hunted. They are no longer considered part of the Moroi kind.” He shivers at her tone of voice and closes his eyes once more. “You have much to learn young one, but we will teach you our ways.”

What if I don’t want to learn?
So there is a chance that I'm going to f-lock this and stop posting it on miracle and suju_het. I'm not sure yet but I don't want to waste space if no one is really interested in the story.


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