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The Heart of a Guardian

(Part 2/?)

A/N: So here is another part of this story and I'd like to apologize. I know it's going kind of slow but it's going to pick up after this. There is always just those slow parts in a fic and I'm trying to get through them fast so you guys have more interesting things to read.
But I hope you enjoy this semi-slow chapter anyway. Comments make this poor and silly girl feel special. ^^

Waking up in an unfamiliar place is never a nice experience. Henry wakes up with a violent jerk and sits up immediately. Groaning he holds his head trying to control the spinning the room seems to be doing. Taking deep steadying breaths he lays back down and makes a quick assessment on how he’s feeling. Nothing hurts anymore, which is crazy because he remembered having something stuck through him.

This time Henry opens his eyes again and looks at his surroundings. The ceiling above him is plain as are the walls around him. There are no decorations, just blank white walls. He shivers at how empty it makes the room feel. Sitting up at a slower pace he takes in the single bed he was laying on. It like the room is, plain, but at least he had blankets around him.

The blankets do catch his attention though. In stark contrast to the blank and all consuming white around him they are a deep blue, almost black. Simple swirling and splitting metallic blue lines decorate the outside. Abandoning the blankets he stands carefully. His legs seems to be working fine as well. He flexes his fingers and toes for good measure. Everything seems fine. Weird, maybe he was dead.

He finally looks around the rest of the room. Besides the bed there is a desk and two doors. Nothing but a single figurine of an angel sits on the table. Before he can investigate it closer the door farthest from him opens. Much to his surprise the man who enters the room is familiar to him. He scrunches up his face in an attempt to force his brain to cooperate.

“Am I dead?” The question just tumbles out of his mouth. The other man just shakes his head. Henry fidgets and looks away still trying to put a name to the face. Images flash through his head and Henry clenches his eyes shut. The man’s name is Kyuhyun. “What happened?” Henry asks tentatively.

“You almost died. Why didn’t you run?” The question is asked in such an emotionless way that Henry isn’t sure how to answer. Kyuhyun just watches him with a blank face while he shifts nervously. “I don’t know. I just couldn’t.” Henry mumbles. The answer sounds stupid and he wishes he had something else to say. The following silence hangs heavily around his shoulders.

“How are you feeling?” Kyuhyun asks and Henry nods in response. “That is a relief.” The other man murmurs. Before Henry can ask a very loud ringing cuts through the silence. Henry stares at his pocket in surprise. He knows that he has a phone case but how had it survived the storm? Carefully Henry pulls the object out of his pocket and looks at the number flashing across the screen.

“SHIT!” Pressing the answer call button he slaps his phone to his ear. “HENRY LAU WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!!?!?!?!” Amber screams. Henry flinches and looks at Kyuhyun awkwardly. The other man only blinks expressionlessly at him. “Amber, please calm down. I’ll be on my way back right now!” He says, hoping to placate his roommate before he has to go face her.

“You better! You’re going to be late for class if you don’t hurry up! Where did you even stay last night?!” Amber isn’t screaming but she’s still yelling at him. He is startled by her question though. He had no idea that he had been out all night. “Amber, I’m getting off the phone. I’ll be there before class starts.” He slips his phone back in his pocket before looking at Kyuhyun again.

“Um, so I’m going to go. Thank you for… Taking care of me.” Henry mumbles and bolts out the door. He stumbles to a stop when he realizes that he has no idea where he is, or how to leave the building he’s in. “Just walk out the door to your left and follow the hall all the way down. You should be able to find your way from there.” Kyuhyun says from behind him.

Henry nods and tries his best to walk calmly to the door. Once outside of the bare apartment he’s startled by how run down the building seems. Ignoring it for now he runs down the hall. He needs to make it to class before Amber murders him, he’ll think about all of this stuff later.


Henry is thankful that Amber leaves him alone during class. He had made it there on time but he’s having problems focusing. He rubs the inside of his palm unconsciously. What had happened to him yesterday? Gingerly he touches his chest. He remember the sharp pain vividly, yet he is still here and with nothing to show for it.

He’s pulled out of his thoughts by Amber bumping his shoulder lightly. “Class was dismissed Henry, come on let’s go get lunch.” She says tugging her bag higher onto her shoulder. Nodding slowly Henry starts pulling his stuff together before sliding it all into his backpack. “How long have I been out?” He asks curiously, noting the empty classroom.

Amber grins at him and start walking toward the door. “About ten minutes space-case. I thought I would give you a chance to pull yourself out of it.” She calls back teasingly. Henry frowns and hurries to catch up with her. Unlike the classroom, the hallway is filled with loud voices and people. Horizon University is one of biggest in the city after all.

Henry and Amber are both only there because of full-paid scholarships. “So what happened yesterday?” She asks continuing to push through the crowd to get out into open air. “I don’t really know.” Henry answers. He bites his lip and looks away. He knows it’s not a lie but it’s not really the truth either.

Amber just shrugs ahead of him. “If you don’t want to tell then fine.” She says. Henry knows that Amber means it, she’s one of the few people who doesn’t push for information. She knows that when Henry is ready to talk, he’ll talk. Finally the two of them push through the crowd of students and out into the courtyard. Henry blinks in the sudden brightness and shields his eyes.

An arm is thrown around his shoulder and he squints to make out the face of Jonghyun. Henry grins at him and walks to their designated area while Amber rolls her eyes next to him. Henry is surprised by how many friends he had made since he started school here. He wasn’t that popular back at his home town, since his parents were always having problems.

After that he just ended up moving a lot, so making friends wasn’t worth the time and pain. Now that he’s out on his own though, things have improved in the social department. Snagging some of Amber’s food Henry grins at her. She laughs and covers her eyes. “Ew! Henry swallow your food before you open your mouth again!” Sulli yells at him, also covering her face.

Henry just laughs and goes back to his own food. The cheery conversations of his friends make him feel relaxed. He takes a moment to watch his friends and grins. Amber with her newly bleached short white hair gives Sulli a shove. Sulli pouts at her trying to keep her longer brown locks from getting in her food. A snort from Jonghyun and they pause sending both of their glares in his direction.

Most of the others in their friend group try to ignore the movement in favor for their food. Henry pushes his food around thoughtfully. The building that he had left this morning was abandoned. So why had Kyuhyun been living there? He sighs heavily and rests his elbows on the table while leaning his face against his palms. More importantly, how had those people done the things they had.

Also why did they seem to radiate some kind of aura? He can remember Mi-Sun going from the ethereal brightness to a dull and murky darkness. Who were those people, who is Kyuhyun? Giggling from some of his friends draws his attention to them. Krystal and Sulli are looking off to the side and giggling behind their hands. Amber rolls her eyes at the only other two females at the table.

“What are they looking at?” Henry asks curiously and Amber just shakes her head. “Just looking at Mr. ‘Tall, dark, and mysterious' over there.” She says pointing a finger at a familiar figure leaning against on of the slightly shadowed walls of the University. Henry rubs his eyes and looks at the man again. What was Kyuhyun doing here? As if he can hear Henry’s thoughts Kyuhyun looks in their direction. Briefly making eye-contact with him before he looks away.

Krystal and Sulli burst out into a new fit of giggles and Amber shoves them. “Seriously, what are we fourteen?” She questions sarcastically. Krystal shakes her head still covering her mouth. Henry sighs and gets up ignoring the questioning looks that he gets from his friends. He walks quickly over to where Kyuhyun is standing, ignoring the curious eyes following his journey.

“What are you doing here?” Henry snaps. He gets a slow blink in response before the other man turns his head looking at someplace behind his head. “Are you stalking me or something now?” He asks and Kyuhyun shakes his head. “I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do.” Kyuhyun responds looking back at him for a moment. “And what exactly is that?” Henry asks irritated. Why the hell was this guy so expressionless with him?

He had seen him act at least a little worried yesterday, now he was like some kind of doll. Kyuhyun looks down at him once more, this time pausing to study him. “I’m watching over you.” He says softly. Kyuhyun seems a bit pained for a moment before looking away again. Henry doesn’t know what to say to this strange man. Doesn’t know if what he says would matter anyway.

Then Kyuhyun tenses and the hairs on Henry’s neck stand up. He has a weird and terrible feeling, like something bad was going to happen. Slowly he turns to look in the direction that has caught the other man’s attention so fully. Standing at the very edge of the courtyard is a boy, probably no older than twelve. He has the same murky darkness around him that Mi-Sun did.

Kyuhyun puts a hand on Henry’s shoulder. “Stay here.” He commands before walking back behind the building. Henry turns to follow him only to see nothing but shadows where the man had been. Turning back to where the boy had been he sees him take off running. Henry follows, why should he listen to some guy he doesn’t even know?

It takes him a while to catch up but when he does he can see Kyuhyun and the little boy standing across from each-other. “You can’t stop me!” The boy screams at Kyuhyun. At the same time he holds his hand up in front of his face and spreads his fingers apart. A large gust of semi-transparent winds pushes out toward Kyuhyun.

It catches Kyuhyun in the side and pushes him back a few inches. Henry can see the fabric of the black shirt darkening. He blinks and touches his own chest. It was the same place that he had can remember being injured the day before. Kyuhyun grabs his side and pants heavily looking extremely worn out already. Blood trickles down his torso and fingers.

The boy grins and brings his other hand up to join the first. Kyuhyun darts to the side and Henry almost cries out to him. Instead of slamming into the shadowy wall like he expected Kyuhyun just disappears into it. Henry blinks confused and so does the boy. “Interesting ability you have there!” The boy growls and turns slowly trying to find the man. He backs into the sunlight and holds his hands out in front of him.

“If I’m right though you can’t get me out here in the light.” The boy calls out, still cautiously looking at his surroundings. Henry ducks to the side trying to stay out of sight. He’s not stupid, the kid could hurt him with his weird ability. After a moment of high tension Kyuhyun darts out from behind the boy, the same strange shadow-like blade as last time in his hands.

He doesn’t get a strike in before the boy presses his palms flat against Kyuhyun's chest, fingers spread. Kyuhyun’s eyes widen and the boy just grins before Kyuhyun goes flying back into the wall. “Too slow!” The boy jeers at him. “Don’t get cocky, kid.” Another voice calls out. Henry jumps, startled by how close the voice is to him.

The voice belongs to a man with startling red hair. A lopsided smirk graces a face almost too pretty to be considered male. The same ethereal brightness surrounds him but unlike Kyuhyun his clothes are not plain. The Korean character for “Hee” is emblazed on the back of a black jacket. Kyuhyun looks up at the new man in surprise before grimacing.

The boy shakes his head and holds his hand out to face this odd red-haired male. Henry is distracted by movement in the corner of his eye. He can see another male, this one quite tall dragging a small blade across his index finger. He watches in confusion as the bleeding digit is held out in front of him and squeezed. As the blood hits the ground it curls around the man’s feet and twists out into an intricate symbol in a circular shape.

The next thing he knows the crackling sound of ice fills his ears as thick walls of it surround him. He hears the loud roar of fire a second after and can feel blazing heat even through the ice. After a few moments of silence the walls around him fade and he finds himself face to face with the red-head. The other man is crouched next to Kyuhyun, his dark hair falling into his face as he leans close to hear Kyuhyun speak.

“I’m Heechul, and that’s Jay.” The man in front of him says. Henry blinks in confusion but nods none the less. “Welcome to the club kiddo. Looks like Kyuhyunnie here has some explaining to do.” Heechul says that same smirk returning. “What club?” Henry asks looking back at Kyuhyun who is still holding on tightly to his side. Heechul puts a hand on his shoulder. “You’re a Spirit Guide now kid, and he’s your Guardian Spirit. You will have to take care of each other from now on.”
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Tags: fandom: super junior, fanfiction, genre: action/adventure, genre: au, genre: romance, length : chaptered, pairing: henry/kyuhyun, the heart of a guardian
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