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The Heart of a Guardian

(Part 5/16?)

A/N: I'm baaaacckkk! Hopefully I'm able to push out two parts every week. Once on Monday (Edit: I made a booboo and forgot that I was posting Serenade on Mondays, so this is being put back to Tuesday.) and once on Friday. ^^ So this chapter gets a bit violent at the end. >.< I hope you guys enjoy! Comments make me feel loved and motivate me to update faster. On that note, I'm starting to wonder if I really have that many people reading. I know I have a few but I think most of you aren't commenting. :-P

Laying out on the floor he sighs in relief, the cement ground of the abandoned building they were practicing in is colder than the air around him. Kyuhyun had walked off with the intent to wash his sweaty face. Boa and Changmin were sitting near him leaning back on a wall, he wasn’t sure where Kibum went. “So who’s Siwon?” He ventures.

“One of the other Spirit Guides.” Changmin answers and Henry turns his head to face the other man. “How many Spirit Guides are there?” He gets a half-assed shrug in response. “Who knows? In our little group there are eight of us.” He glances at Henry before continuing, “I guess nine now, since you showed up.” A moment of silence and Henry rubs the cuts along his palms.

“So how come Kyuhyun only wears plain clothes?” He asks, curiously. Boa sighs loudly and threads her fingers through her hair. “Most of the stuff that we wear we’ve stolen. Sometimes from our own lives.” She pulls her hair up away her neck, “When a Spirit gets a Guide most of the time they will start to provide for them. To make things easier for the Guardian to recover and stay at maximum energy.” Changmin nods and prods Henry in the side with his foot.

“Kyuhyun’s a bit weird though. He only sleeps to recover energy, feels like he shouldn’t take more from the human world.” Changmin says, “So I don’t know if you’ll be able to convince him to do more for himself.” Henry glances at him before pushing his foot away. “So what was he like before?” He asks. Changmin pulls his knees up to his chin.

“He smiled lot more and was pretty sarcastic. He was a good friend though, a good person in general.” Changmin says, grinning sardonically, “Even if he was horribly competitive and a sore loser.” Boa looks at her partner sadly and places a hand on his shoulder. Without even a look in her direction he puts a hand down on top of hers. Henry looks up at the crumbling ceiling.

“What happened?” Changmin doesn’t answer for a moment and Henry is forced to endure a tense silence. “He died.” Changmin deadpans and Henry flinches. Sitting up he stretches awkwardly and avoids looking at the other two. A few minutes later Kyuhyun comes back looking blood and sweat free. He pauses and looks over all of them for a moment before shaking his head.

“I think we should call it quits for today.” He says and Changmin looks at him surprised. “Why?” Changmin asks, confused. Kyuhyun points to his chest and looks at Henry pointedly. “I’m still injured and he’s still getting used to it.” He responds and Changmin sighs and leans back against the wall once more. “We’ll let you know if anything comes up.” Kyuhyun nods and turns to leave.

“Wait!” Henry yells, sitting up abruptly. Kyuhyun pauses and turns around to face him, obviously surprised. “Henry?” Kyuhyun sounds just as surprised as he looks and Henry finds himself at a loss for a moment. Changmin clearing his throat startles him back into action. “Come back to the Dorms with me?” He asks tentatively looking away from everyone. “Alright.” Henry turns back and smiles, relieved that Kyuhyun didn’t just say no.

“Cool! Let’s go. Bye guys!” He calls to the others lurching forward and grabbing Kyuhyun’s hand. He moves quickly toward the door and the initial dragging stops when the Guardian starts walking in step with him. Henry knows he’s still being kind of selfish, since he really only wants to feel more like he’s in the group. He just doesn’t like feeling as if he’s just an extra attachment. It brings back memories of his family.


He had let go of Kyuhyun’s hand as soon as they had got on the bus. A couple was seated across from them and they were sitting with their heads together. Laughing and talking to each other quietly. He sighs heavily and looks out the window instead of watching them. He feels Kyuhyun shift beside him and he glances at him for a moment.

“Does it really bother you?” Kyuhyun asks, looking genuinely curious. Henry looks back at him for a moment before leaning against the window. “Does what bother me?” He responds. Kyuhyun looks back at the couple for a moment. “Them, you feel… put-out. Why?” Henry stares at him for a moment before remembering that Kyuhyun can feel his emotions. He pauses and notices that he has a lingering curiosity in the back of his head.

“They don’t bother me. There isn’t anything wrong with it.” He mumbles and closes his eyes. “Then what is it?” Kyuhyun pries and Henry feels slightly frustrated. He opens his eyes again and stares at Kyuhyun. The Guardian Spirit is studying him and doesn’t look away when they make eye contact. “I guess I’m just lonely.” Kyuhyun says nothing in response, just keeps looking at him and Henry shifts nervously.

“I’m sorry.” He says, finally looking away and Henry relaxes. Silence falls over them and Henry returns his gaze to the window. A hand rests on top of his and he blinks in confusion. Kyuhyun is sitting with his head resting against the seat in front of him. Henry looks down at their hands before turning his over and giving Kyuhyun’s a squeeze. Kyuhyun squeezes back.


Amber wasn’t at the Dorm when they showed up. So now Henry is sorting through his course work while Kyuhyun is lounging on the couch. Henry sighs and leans back in his chair. “I just thought of something.” Henry says, and Kyuhyun opens one eye lazily to look at him. “Why do you breathe if you’re dead?” Kyuhyun covers his face with his arm and sighs.

“Think of it like this, my physical body is dead. This my soul, all I am is a solid construct of energy which functions in a similar fashion to my living body.” He says, “I don’t know how everything works but I don’t have the same limitations that living tissue has. I’m almost like a self-charging battery.” Henry has to cover his mouth at the image of a battery with Kyuhyun’s face on it. Kyuhyun lifts his arm to glare at him, before letting it flop back over his face.

“So, want some ramen or something?” Henry asks and Kyuhyun shakes his head. He frowns but says nothing, he hadn’t wanted to believe Changmin. “Are you sure?” He pushes and Kyuhyun nods. Sighing he gets up and pulls Kyuhyun’s legs off the couch. “Why not?” Kyuhyun sits up and glares at him again. “I don’t….” Henry cuts him off, “You said you function like a living body, so you need food.”

Kyuhyun shakes his head adamantly and Henry sighs. “Fine, don’t eat my awesome ramen.” Kyuhyun rolls his eyes. “I’m sure it’s spectacular. Maybe next time.” He says sarcastically and Henry shoves him. “Hey, don’t be downin’ my ramen cooking skills.” Henry teases and the Spirit just rolls his eyes again. Standing again Henry just goes back to his chair.

Kyuhyun stretches out in the couch once more and closes his eyes. “So you have what would have been my injuries?” Henry asks suddenly and Kyuhyun just nods his head. “Can I see them?” Kyuhyun studies at him for a moment before sighing and sitting up. “Why? They don’t look that bad anymore.” He says and Henry just shrugs. “I just want to see.” More silence before Kyuhyun stands up and carefully pulls his shirt up.

Jagged circular scabs cover a good portion of his torso. The largest one is only about the size of Henry’s fist and it rests in the center of Kyuhyun’s chest. Kyuhyun looks away and shifts, obviously uncomfortable. Henry isn’t sure what he’s uncomfortable about, sure he had no definition in his muscles but they were there. “Can I put my shirt down now?” Kyuhyun asks, and Henry is taken aback by how uncertain his voice is.

“Yeah, so I can’t heal that?” He asks as Kyuhyun drops his shirt and sinks back into the couch. “No, because I took them from you. If these had been caused to me originally you could heal them.” Henry nods and sets his feet up on the coffee table in front of him. “So do they just heal as you go or what?” Kyuhyun rolls his eyes and lays back out on the couch. “I have to sleep to repair myself.” Kyuhyun responds.

It’s at this particular moment when Amber returns to the Dorm. “Hey, Henry I didn’t….” She trails off looking at Kyuhyun in surprise. “Expect us to a have guest…” She looks at Henry unhappily and he grins sheepishly. “Amber, this is Kyuhyun.” Henry says motioning to the Guardian on the couch. Kyuhyun stands and offers his hand to the shocked female.

“Nice to meet you, did you meet Henry recently?” She says taking the offered hand. Kyuhyun nods and looks at Henry confused. “Hey Amber, you know how I asked if it was okay if a dead guy stayed with us?” He says scuffing his feet on the carpeted floor and ignoring the glare sent in his direction. Amber nods and looks at him expectantly. “Well, meet that dead guy.”

Kyuhyun groans and shakes his head at him. Amber just stares at him like he’s lost his mind. “Amber I know it sounds crazy but it’s hard to explain.” He says, and she crosses her arms. “You better start explaining then.” She snaps and Henry sighs. Looking at Kyuhyun for assistance, he’s just rewarded with a shrug.


Henry is startled awake when Kyuhyun shifts. Explaining things to Amber had been hard but having his Guardian Spirit with him was reassuring. She had taken it better than he had expected. Which didn’t mean much but she didn’t write him off as a total nutcase. So they ended up having a silent study time with Kyuhyun snoozing on his bed.

Then time had come for Henry to go to sleep. He was too tired to deal with making the couch ‘sleep-able’ so he had just collapsed into bed. Kyuhyun hadn’t taken that well and Henry got nailed in the head with wayward elbow. So they had come up with a comprise and Henry had fallen asleep with his head in Kyuhyun’s lap.

So when his Guardian Spirit suddenly jerks awake he finds himself jostled uncomfortably. Blearily he sits up to look at what had Kyuhyun moving at this hour. For a moment he can’t comprehend the small creature standing on the other man’s palm. It looks like a scribbled stick figure made of electricity and stands about four inches high. Henry rubs his eyes before looking back at it.

Sure enough, the strange thing was still there. “What is that?” Henry asks quietly. Kyuhyun holds it out to him. “We call them Elementals, they are everywhere but they aren’t really intelligent. We use the to send messages to each other.” Is the whispered answer and Henry holds his hand out for the thing to clamber onto. “Is it from Boa?”

Kyuhyun nods and Henry looks down at the thing. 'We need your help, it will be a nice test run for your Guide. We’re right outside.' Henry blinks furiously for a moment and looks up at Kyuhyun. “They don’t have actual voices Henry, no one else can see or hear them but us.” Kyuhyun says and pats his leg. Henry holds it back out to Kyuhyun who sets it on the bedside-table.

The Elemental just darts toward the outlet his alarm is plugged into and disappears. Kyuhyun stands up and stretches before looking at Henry. “Come on, the sooner we get this over with the sooner you can sleep again.” In his half-awake state the next few minutes are a blur of getting re-dressed and trekking down the stairs. The slightly chilly midnight air wakes him up some.

Boa and Changmin are standing next to the doors and both of them look far more awake then Henry feels. No words are spoken and Kyuhyun only nods at the other two before they start walking farther. Henry takes the opportunity to attempt to wake up more. Kyuhyun glances at him concerned before slowing down a bit. “You going to be okay?” He asks and Henry nods.

The walk is silent and Henry wonders how they know where they are going. It isn’t until he hears the scream that he starts to get worried. Wordlessly Changmin falls back while Kyuhyun and Boa slip away into the shadows. “Be ready, and whatever you see, remember that what we do is stop them. To keep more people from suffering.” Changmin says to him quietly and Henry swallows thickly.

He can feel the tension mounting as they got closer to the building. The screams tear through his head and he squashes the urge to cover his ears. Changmin leads him around to the back and they crouch behind the partly open door. Three murky auras are visible, two belonging to males and the last a female.

The female is undeniably attractive, in that femme fatal way. Long dark hair frames a defined female face. Her posture is haughty, and the two males are the same way. “Pull out your eye.” The female says and it draws Henry’s attention to the people on the floor before them. A group of six and all of them look equally frightened. The one in the front holds their hand up and plunges a finger into their eye socket.

Henry resists the urge to puke and a few of the people scream. “Jezz, do you really need to play with them like this?” One of the males says. This one sporting slicked back blonde hair and a cocky grin. “You enjoy yourself in your own ways Anthony, don't stop me from enjoying myself.” The woman retorts and he shrugs noncommittally. The third male sighs heavily and crosses his arms. Floppy black hair covers most of his face. “Feeling restless Min-Kyung?” 

Min-Kyung shakes his head in response and Jezz turns back to their captives. Changmin leans against him for a moment to whisper in his ear. “Once Boa makes her move, try to get the humans out of here. I’ll cover you as best I can.” Henry nods and looks back at the Demons before them. Anthony flicks his wrist and the female closest to him cries out in shock. The buttons of he blouse pop off and roll uselessly on the floor.

Henry clenches his eyes shut for a moment. He can guess why they are waiting, better to know your enemies abilities and not to rush in blind. It’s killing him though, sitting back and wanting to stop anything from happening. The light above them explodes in a shower of sparks and he can see Boa jump out of the shadows and take a swing at Anthony. Tendrils of electricity crackle and snap all around her body.

Henry forces himself to look away and takes off toward the captives. He can see a large puppet wolf running along side him and he’s lucky that all attention is turned toward the Guardian Spirits. Ignoring the shaking of his hands he pulls at the thick binds around the captive's arms. Boa goes flying backward when Anthony throws his hands up. Min-Kyung turns in his direction only to be pulled down by a shadowy tendril.

Freeze!” He hears Jezz scream and his focuses on the next set of binds. He can hear Boa yell something at Changmin but it doesn’t sink in. He just pushes the captives toward the door when he gets their binds off and they look lost. “Just go!” He commands and one of them supports the one missing an eye.

He turns in time to see Kyuhyun kick Jezz squarely in the chest. She stumbles backwards and Kyuhyun barely ducks in time to miss a long glowing blade. Min-Kyung seems angry with his miss and slices down. Kyuhyun throws his arms up in time to protect his face before pushing the blade away and rolling to the side. He can still hear the crackle of Boa’s electricity and the barking of Changmin’s puppet.

Jezz whirls around to face him and Henry scratches furiously at the scabs on his palms. “Stop brea…” She’s cut off by Kyuhyun slamming into her side and crashing into the ground. Henry digs his fingers in harder and grits his teeth. The crackle of electricity is joined by the smell of burning flesh. It’s disgusting and Henry tries to block it out. He’s drawing a blank on the way he had pulled up his energy before.

Jezz grabs a fist full of Kyuhyun’s hair and slams his head into the ground. Henry flinches at the explosion of pain in the back of his mind. Min-Kyung turns in his direction now and charges forward. Panicking Henry back-pedals and tries to call up something, anything. He continues to kneed his fingers against his rapidly tearing scabs.

Kyuhyun cries out in pain as Jezz yanks on his hair again. Bringing his knee up into her stomach he rolls away before clutching his now bleeding head. Jezz snarls and looks up at him. “Tear out your own heart!” Henry almost screams at the sudden blank look on his Guardian’s face. Blood drips from his hands and he can feel that slow build-up of energy.

“Don’t do it!” He yells and the wind whips around him uprooting random debris in the room and tossing it around dangerously. He focuses all his attention on Jezz and can almost feel the symbols around his feet shifting. Small cuts appear on her face and she gapes at him in shock. Kyuhyun looks over at him, still blank and emotionless. A hand is resting over his heart and Henry squeezes his eyes shut.

He couldn’t feel anything from Kyuhyun, and it scared him. Even if it had only been four days since they had this connection. It was important to him, because Kyuhyun had reached out to save him. If anything he had to repay the favor. He had been trusted with something and he wasn’t going to let it go so easily. He wasn’t going to be anything like his family.

He feels his energy rocket out of him and a loud scream fills his ears. A bright flash of light goes off to his side and then he’s collapsing onto the floor. He forces himself to breath and tries to focus on something, anything but the darkness is invading his vision. He can feel himself being lifted into someone’s lap and he tries to reach out to them but his limbs feel heavy. He feels someone grasp his hand and he closes his fingers as tightly as he can around them.

“You’re so reckless.” He can barely make-out Kyuhyun’s worried face above him. He opens his mouth to respond but nothing comes out. His hand is squeezed tightly and his vision swims once more. “Thank you…” The words are whispered but Henry still manages to catch them. For the second time in less then a week, Henry Lau passes out.
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