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Serenade of the Damned

{Chapter Five: An Obstruction in the Revolt}

A/N: Here's another chapter for those of you who are still reading. If you are thank you so much and I hope you enjoy.

What did he mean? Kyuhyun sighs and leans back in the driver’s seat. How long had it been since he had last seen Han Geng? At least ten years, since Mi-young had never met the older Moroi. Han Geng had left S.R.N.P a little after Kyuhyun had joined. He had no clue why.

A light tap on the window makes him slam his knees against the bottom of the dashboard. The faint sound of a laugh makes him look at the source of the noise. Wide-eyed he quickly unlocks the car door. “I didn’t expect you to come.”

Ji-young looks as ethereal as ever. “You were left in my care young one, it would be rude to refuse such a simple request.” She slides into the passenger seat and closes the door. He really hadn’t expected her to show up. Ji-young had been there to help explain what he was when he was reborn and was one of the older Moroi.

He shifts uncomfortably and she rests a hand on his knee. “I’m listening.” He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. “Do you know why Geng left?” The older Moroi tenses next to him and pulls her hand away. “Why are you asking me this?” She sounds uncomfortable and it makes him hesitate.

“Because I thought that if anyone had any idea… It would have to be you.” She sighs heavily and lays back in the seat. “Kyuhyun, he had his own reasons to leave. It is not my place to tell you that, you would have to ask him yourself.” Kyuhyun reaches out and puts his hands on her shoulders. “Then tell me where he went!”

She shakes her head and pries his hands off of her. “I cannot do that.” Kyuhyun hangs his head and pulls his hands back. He just wants to know what is going on. Ji-young tilts his head up to face her. “Please do not make this any harder than it has to be, young one.” She rubs her thumb against his face gently and Kyuhyun feels like crying.

“You treat me like I’m still just a child.” She smiles sadly at him but doesn’t pull her hand away. “Because I cannot help it. Just like you can’t help but treat me with respect. Even you don’t treat your superiors in the same way.” Pulling him into a hug she strokes his hair. He doesn’t pull away and ignores the gear shift jabbing him in the side.

“I can promise to answer your questions as best as I can.” He sniffles and presses his face against her shoulder. Why did he leave us? “Is it possible to turn anyone into a Moroi?” Ji-young hugs him tighter but doesn’t answer his question. She just continues to run her fingers through his hair. He didn’t really expect an answer that question anyway.

“Do you know Jaejoong?” He can hear her breathe out as she rests her head on top of his. “Yes, I had met him before. He is a very idealistic and emotional.” Kyuhyun grips onto the older woman tightly. “He’s a Nephilim now.” She sighs loudly and nods her head against his. “I know.”

“He said that… We could turn anyone into a Moroi. Is that true?” Ji-young pulls away from him and forces him to look at her. “Even if it was, would you really want to be able to?” Kyuhyun shakes his head and pushes the urge to cry down again. “I don’t know.” He tries to pull his face away from her but she holds tight.

“I just don’t want to watch more people I care about leave.”



It was hard for Kyuhyun to let go of his life. It was even harder to adjust to his new life. He stares morosely at the closed curtains of his room. His family believes that he had died. The silence in the room is almost suffocating. I’m still alive. He rolls over and stares at the flaking ceiling.

Did this even really count as living? Pressing his index finger to his neck he can feel his pulse. Slow but steady, same for his breathing. He was alive but what was he living for now? Groaning in discontent he throws an arm over his face. He doesn’t even really know how he feels about being a Moroi. One of the ageless; an immortal.

Opening his mouth he pushes his finger against the roof of his mouth. Even now he still hadn’t figured it out. How did they do it? Is there some muscle I don’t know about? “Just so you know, it doesn’t work like that.” He jerks in surprise and ignores the bright flair of pain as he bites down on his finger. Cringing he sits up to face to Han Geng.

“How does it work then?” Han Geng sits down on the bed next to him and smiles. “It’s more a reflex then anything else.” Kyuhyun raises an eyebrow. “Your fangs are a reflex? How does that work?” Han Geng just shrugs in a non-committal way. “It’s just how it works. You’ll get used to it.”

Kyuhyun just sighs and lays back on the bed. “Why did you turn me anyway?” The older Moroi just brushes his cheek with gentle finger tips. “Am I interrupting something?” The female Moroi seems amused and leans lightly against the doorframe. Kyuhyun gapes at her for a moment. “W…what are you saying Kahi?”

She smiles at the two of them while Han Geng just shakes his head. “That you need to stop laying around young one.” Kyuhyun sits up and rolls his eyes. “I’m not a child.” The woman just smiles dryly. “To us you are still just a child.” As she exits the room Kyuhyun turn to look at Han Geng confused.

“Did I do something wrong?” The other male just ruffles his hair in response. “You didn’t do anything wrong.” Kyuhyun opens his mouth to object only for it to be covered by a warm hand. “Just listen for once.” He crosses his arms and glares at Han Geng in response.

“I hope that one day Ji-young will give you permission to call her by her actual name.”


“Kyuhyun, please try to stay out of trouble.” Ji-young smiles at him and waves from her doorway. Kyuhyun nods and waits until she closes the door behind her to drive away. He glances at the clock in the dashboard; 5:30 AM it reads in blinding block numbers.

Gripping the steering wheel tightly he makes up his mind. I’m sorry, I can’t just sit back and watch anymore. Jerking the wheel he makes a sudden sharp turn onto a back road. He knows he could get in trouble for this but he’s tired of being the last to know things. He knows he’s the youngest made Moroi but that doesn’t mean that they have to fucking baby him.

It doesn’t take long to get back into the city and he can see the sun rising. Coloring the horizon and casting its light out across their twisted version of living. Kyuhyun’s plans get put aside when he has to slam on his breaks. Ignoring the pain that flashes through his senses as his head smashes against the tip of the steering wheel he looks up.

Standing in the early morning light, her hands flat on the hood of his car, is a woman. Messy, medium length, light brown hair is stuck to her face in some places. He sees her shoulders shake and he shifts into park before getting out. Much to his surprise the woman is giggling and not crying.

“Um, are you okay?” The woman looks up at him still giggling. He’s surprised by the large wide-open blue eyes that are now focused on him. “You’re reall’ sexy.” He takes an awkward step back at the slightly slurred words. The woman was drunk, now that he’s outside of the car he can smell the alcohol.

“Um, Miss…” He tenses uncomfortably when she stumbles toward him. She trips and he grabs her by the back of the dress to keep her face from meeting the concrete. She giggles again and he groans in irritation. He did not want to be dealing with some random drunk woman.

“Well, it’s odd to be running into you again.” Kyuhyun jerks in surprise as Jaejoong steps forward into the headlights of his car. “What the hell are you doing here Jaejoong?” The Nephilim smiles at him and holds his palms out. “I’m not here to cause any trouble. I just want the woman.” He looks at the woman who is finally attempting to stand on her own.

“Why, is she your next meal?” Jaejoong just shrugs and holds a hand out for her. “Now now, don’t be nosey. Shouldn’t you listen to your elders?” A shake of the head and he’s stepping backwards pulling the woman upright. The Nephilim bares his fangs and takes his own step forward. He gives the woman a push into his car and ignores the faint yelp.

“You just have to make this difficult don’t you.” Kyuhyun says nothing just stands between Jaejoong and his car. Jaejoong charges forward and Kyuhyun pulls out a small blade. Kicking out he catches the Nephilim in the chest before shifting his weight and swinging out with the dagger. “You’re faster than you used to be.” The statement is punctuated with a hand wiping the shallow cut on his face.

He doesn’t respond just runs forward before ducking under the attacking fist. “The sun will be up soon, and both of us know what happens then.” “Then just give me the woman.” Kyuhyun shakes his head but his plans are ruined. The woman goes stumbling out of his car and Jaejoong rushes to her grabbing her wrist.

The woman cries out in shock and pain while struggling to get of his grip. Kyuhyun grits his teeth watching the woman’s attempts to free herself. Jaejoong grins at him before pulling the woman upright and pressing his arm against her throat. “Looks like you lose.”

Dammit, I should have shut the car door. Suddenly Jaejoong cries out in shock. Kyuhyun can’t believe what he’s seeing, but from the pained expression on the Nephilim’s face, she is biting him. Jaejoong snarls angry and crushes his bleeding arm against the woman’s face and she swallows in surprised. Horror floods Kyuhyun’s features. Not again.

Jaejoong tosses the woman to the ground leaving her gagging on the blood she had just ingested. “She’s your problem now, if you hadn’t interfered everything would have worked out.” He can only stare as Jaejoong takes off into the shadows. A faint burning reminds him about how bright it is.

Cursing under his breath he rushes over to the woman and picks her up. Opening the door to the back seat he lays her down inside. She blinks and him confused and he closes the door. Sliding into the driver’s seat he briefly rests his head against the steering wheel. This was not how I wanted my day to start.


He had been forced to pull over on his way home when she had made a loud retching noise. The last thing he wanted was to clean vomit out of his seats. So now he’s crouching next to a woman he doesn’t even know the name of. She coughs a few more times before wiping her mouth with the napkin he had handed her earlier.

He looks out at the line of light that he can’t cross, this just made things harder. “What happened?” He looks at the woman surprised. This is the first time she has spoken to him since he had put her in the car. “Why are you not screaming and trying to run away?” She rolls her eyes and flinches at the pain it must have caused.

“If you were going to take advantage of me or something you would have me tied up or something.” She sighs and covers her face. “Besides you don’t really seem like the type of guy to do something like that.” He ignores her comment and holds hand out to help her stand. She takes it without hesitation and wobbles slightly on her feet. “Do you remember anything?”

She nods and leans heavily against him. He tenses but lets her use him as support. “It’s kinda fuzzy though, it will probably make more sense later.” He shakes his head and opens the car door for her. “I’m sure everything will make a lot more sense later.” The woman looks up at him confused but he ignores it for now.

He doesn’t even know her name yet he just knows that, like Seungho, she’s a Wraith. Dammit, Mi-young things just are getting so twisted. You’re going to be so angry with me. Sighing he continues the ride back to the apartment, it was time to explain some things.

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